October 19th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Things. (Bad self not sleep because of brain doing things)

Catnip sachet.
Malkavian pranks community.
Weird pop analogy to chips and soda.

Noises make brain not stay asleep. Not hydrated enough, evidently, because thirsty and not mobile enough to do much about it. And not coherent. Dehydrated and tired bad combo.

Skin supersensitive. Tired, and goddamn hair. Spiderwisping across face. Ears sensitive, jerk from sleep because of cat.

Why doesn't the mothafucka delete me already?
running, bomb tech


yaksha42 finally got a new phone. He returned mine.

The babysitting situation next Monday is taken care of, yay!

I collected hugs. :-) I was in dire need of hugs. I am appreciative, and ... *sigh* ... want more hugs.

Preferably from a more fruitful direction.
Azzcalm, Quiet

As a novel

This is that part of the book, where the heroine has been locked in a dungeon or tower, possibly of her own making, and has just loosed the locks herself, without need of external rescue.

And now, she falls head-over-heels in love with the first suitable mate to come along and offer open arms and a steady voice and encouragement that yes, she did do it all herself, and yes, anybody would be stressed out by what she'd just gone through.

I want someone to hold me while I cry, and kiss away my tears when they know I've cried long enough, and then comfort me and entice me to giggle, then kick my ass in the direction it needs kicking.

Someone I trust.

Being reminded what a hug feels like makes me miss it all the more.
loud fayoumis

Furry Fury

There's stuff going down in som_pos about furries -- and all over, it seems. Is this Silly Season? Well, actually, it's a little late to be putting my words in, as the topic's now banned in som_pos at risk of kobold's wrath. But Ghastly had that comic, and Something Positive had Cthulu settling the argument, and then I hear from elynne that there was a thing in a community that made LJDrama.


I might as well make my thoughts public for the record.


It's not my kink, that's for certain-sure. I mean, yes, hot girl in cat makeup, meeee-yow!, and there are certain cute anime things, but... not my kink.

I don't think all furries should be shot. I don't think all furries should be glorified. To me, it's just another niche kink that's not something I identify with, nor care to hear much about. It's not my kink, it's not my specialized vocabulary, and I don't give a fuck as long as no one's getting hurt. It's not really a squick of mine either. It just does nothing for me. I don't see why it does anything for anybody. I don't care, as long as it's not shoved in front of my face where I have to deal with it, and even then, notice the profound lack of caring about it.

Furries with persecution complex: get the fuck over yourselves.
Furry-haters: get the fuck over yourselves.
While I'm at it: People who get in raging flaming arguments with others over sports teams (I don't think I have any on my friends list, even though I do have some sports fans): get the fuck over yourselves.

Peace out.
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