October 20th, 2003

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Slept. Slept late. Read, read LJ, read e-mail.

yaksha42 returned my cordless phone, and agreed to cover the one-time gap in the schedule caused by my vacation. *wince*

I shall, evidently, have to return with actual photos of sithjawa and me.

Endeavored to sort the contents of the junk drawers. Discovered that this called for containers. Went to dollar store to get containers. Returned, with containers, reflecting that I do very much like strawberry-kiwi as a flavour and general concept.

Did more house things, sorta.

Read fic.
Thought about life.
Missed Darkside.
Missed Darkside lots because I was reminded how much I need hugs.
Asked wiseheron to call me; gossiped with her happily while cleaning the cat box. (Still need to get Moshie's.)

Went grocery shopping; came back with sliced turkey, hot pockets, plus things that I can eat. Oh, and a paper towel roll holder. And cat food, which got put up out of harm's way fast.

Will be met at airport by sithjawa. Yay! Yay!

...Must really track down the Darkside and inquire about Halloween plans. *sigh* I hope he can make it... I hope I'll get to see him this year... I hope I'll get to see him soon in any case... I hope we'll get to do the Return of the King thing...

...I miss him. I miss him a lot. When he deigns to give out hugs, it's the most relaxing thing in the world, because he has the peck on me....
running, bomb tech

To write up:

Why it's crucial to me that Darkside tell me if he has a new relationship, and other little bits of mono/poly interface...
running, bomb tech

Also also

Plans for Monday:

Give plasma.
Pick up LF, trade in textbooks, get new textbooks.
Chill and study.


...Pick up app for Harkins.
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On polyamory

(Deserved its own post, from a comment in a locked post)

I had an ex who failed to grasp that when I said that I did not want him sleeping with a particular person, it meant that I did not want him sleeping with her.

And so he came to the conclusion that I was not fine with polyamory, no matter what I said about it.

Imagine his surprise when he took up with another girl, one I actually liked, and he let me know that he'd been getting it on with her. Instead of huffing off and getting all "No, don't want to touch that if it's been near her," I cheerily asked how it was and what was up, and was all encouraging.

Yes, just because you wanted to boink your castrating ex doesn't mean it's a good idea. And yes, when you decide to get it on with someone a little more sane, I will be supportive! Who would have guessed?
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Imperial measurements

cadhla discusses her laundry; discussions of measurement follow.

So far, we've established the following: a whole pantload is larger than an assload, a cheekload is half an assload, and a shitload is smaller than a cheekload (though probably not by much).

This is for Imperial assloads, though. Metric assloads are treated differently.
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Didn't make it to the plasma place. Ah well.

Picked up LF from school, and verified that yaksha42 is allowed to pick him up. (Yay marxdarx!)

Went to the bookstore at DeVry and turned in unneeded books. Got cash. Got books for next tri, and November bus pass.

Am beginning the desultory process of packing. I imagine I'll want to utterly empty my purse for the trip, lest something Unapproved wind up being leftover in there. So far, several cosmetics and personal care items have been unceremoniously dumped into a clear plastic drawstring bag. More will follow.
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*flitters, twitters, buzzes*


I'm leaving for California on Friday.

Not to stay, just to visit. Et cetera.

So. I have my outfit for the concert picked out, and I have my shoes picked out, and my socks are interchangeable, and so are my bras. And underpants. And I'll pack a skirt and shorts and t-shirts. I want to brew up some new perfume... or perhaps I should just go with the old standards?

Books. I need to bring books. We're going to have ... need for reference materials, on some things. *giggle* I'm bringing The Red Book, obviously... (Yes, when one is discussing books at the cafeteria table in one's college, one doesn't necessarily want to be shouting out that title... nor does one especially wanting the four-year-old crowing it off the rooftops either...)

Some chaos, as well, yay!

I'm thinking that what with finals being finals, I'm just going to unload my backpack of all school stuff right now, and load that up for the trip, because I don't have much in the way of books to lug, and I don't want to be scurrying to pack at the last minute.


What I really want for Christmas/Solstice (I do celebrate both, especially given that I was raised in a nominally Christian household, and that Naomi's Christian) is bookplates. Pre-printed with my name(s). And a tracking program complete with bar code stickers and a laser scanning wand that my system will support. I have so many books, and it's a bitch and a half to make sure that all of them are correctly labeled.

*eyes the candles* Roooomance...
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More of them than ever, I see.
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...LJ is on crack tonight, the same stuff that Dubya got into.
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