October 21st, 2003

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It's been a rough week.

I'm coping.

More glum loneliness than splitting, though.

I hope to get to talk to Blondie on Wednesday.
running, bomb tech

Misuse of Fanfic Day

With the exception of certain well-written things like the SA, I don't appreciate fanfic that involves the author dragging the characters through the misery that s/he is currently going through...

...especially when it's gender-inappropriate.

I mean, Darth Maul Suffers Moving Hell, in a subset of the fandom devoted to that, one thing, especially when the theme of the group is "Sidious inflicts all kinds of pain and suffering on Maul while pretending everything is normal as Palpatine". Inflicting $MALE_HP_CHARACTER Gets Yeast Infection on an unsuspecting mailing list, when one is yeasty oneself and feels like sharing the joy, is one step down from mpreg.

Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Packages, Keys, and Snark

I got done with my Lit final in fifteen minutes or less -- I did the final, turned it in, hit the ladies' room, and turned in my book for $28.50, and then it was only 11:19.

I came home and did random stuff, and kept reading on Shadow of the Lion (L*ck*y & Flint, pre-Crowley so it's not as bad as it could be). UPS delivered the package for LF from Dawn. Then I went and picked up LF, and we went down to the Fry's in the bad neighborhood and got a spare fucking key made for the babysitter.

LF opened his package and was delighted with the contents. It was a belated Easter basket thing, with a foam wand (which he promptly used as a swatter on the local fruit flies, and then asked me to come identify what sort of bugs his kills were), Harry Potter supplemental materials, and a shitload of candy. (Note that this is less candy than a cheekload, and certainly less than an assload (metric or otherwise) and very certainly less than a whole pantload.)

Outstanding amongst the horde was a lollipop in the form of an HP mandrake in a pot, a baby-shaped root, and then powdered candy "soil" to dip it in, in the pot. I explained how it worked, and that it was pretend mandrake, fake mandrake, candy mandrake, not real, so it was safe to eat, and Little Fayoumis was delighted. There was also a basilisk with powdered candy inside. The basilisk was difficult to get the powder out of, so I hit upon the bright idea of putting the basilisk candy into the mandrake pot.

Little Fayoumis dipped his lollipop in the blue basilisk powder, stuck it in his mouth, and made this face. It's that kid-face: SOUR!!! And I mentally thwacked my own forehead, with a Oh, no, what did I just do: I ruined it for him! sort of litany going through it.

"I love it!" he said, and dipped his lollipop again. Again, the SOUR!!! face, followed up by the biggest, basilisk-poison-eating grin, as he proceeded to lick the blue gunk off his lollipop.

I've got to get him some ring pops and sour powder candy, then.

One of the books sent was Harry Potter's Muggles' Guide to Magic. It says that it's not authorized by Rowling or by the other companies in charge of the HP universe. I believe it 110%. It also says that it's an invaluable guide to understanding the HPverse. I am, understandably, a little more "skepticle"1 about this claim.

The first few typographic errors were skipped over fairly easily. I only noticed them because I was tracing the words along with my finger, the better to assist the Little Fayoumis in maybe learning a few of the word-shapes. When I got to "Albert Dumbledore", however, the cap on my sarcasm came off, and I proceeded to make editorial commentary. Little Fayoumis, a devotee of Strongbad, was delighted.

Little Fayoumis asked me about the definitions of a few words. I explained. We went off on some of the inter-House relationships, as well, and the convention of calling other students who are not one's intimate friends by their last names. I attempted to convey that Slytherin as a whole was not necessarily all evil, just that Malfoy was mean to Harry and his friends -- who were rather vile right back.

In the middle of it all, it became time for the first stage of bedtime, and Little Fayoumis scurried to brush his teeth and get ready, and then returned for more story. He went right to bed at 8:30 with no problem. Miracles do happen!

I guess we should start the storytime at 7:40, then, and have him interrupt it to get ready, to provide incentive for doing it quickly and without fuss, so if he kicks up a fuss, he can go straight to bed.

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Note to Pretty:

Are we still synchronized? BWW happened for me appx. a week ago. You?
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