October 22nd, 2003

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Good Behaviour

Little Fayoumis was good today. He had Bookworm Club today, and then we went and got the spare fucking key made. I pointed out to him when he was interrupting when I was explaining to ask about something that I had yet to explain, or that I'd already explained when he was interrupting.

There was some boredom, with waiting in line. He borrowed my flashlight to look in my mouth.

After he had supper, I wanted to clean the living room. We tidied some. He backed off while I tried to fix the vacuum cleaner, and stopped making noise from Strongbad when I asked him to (and I only had to remind him a few times afterwards). Once the vacuum cleaner was reasonably back together, I decided to have him load the dishwasher while I vacuumed.

This did not go half as well as planned. He loaded the dishwasher, with some small assistance in getting things to fit in right (he looked awed at my puzzle-solving skills, but has the concept down right & tight; soon he'll load the dishwasher better than his mother), but the vacuum cleaner began to smell of burning rubber, so I turned it off.

That's an improvement from burning hair, at least.

I calmly remarked to the Little Fayoumis that this smell was what burning rubber smelled like. I suppose that my calm is one of the things that makes me a good parent; he equally calmly pointed out the small plume of white smoke coming from the vacuum cleaner. I walked over and removed plug from socket, and congratulated Little Fayoumis on spotting the smoke. It dissipated quickly.

Little Fayoumis got a penny for his piggy bank for the chore.

His reading really is improving. Evidently he goes to another teacher's classroom for some reading; I don't know whether that's advanced reading or non-advanced reading. Either way, he read the story about Tom and his mom with only a few little stumbles over words -- saying "well" for "will" (I corrected him, "Short i sound...") and not being familiar with the word "bop". (He's asking for definitions of unfamiliar words now. I am happy.)

That being finished, we progressed to the Potter guide. "Threat" was introduced to his vocabulary. My scathing criticism of the book, "Could they possibly have overwritten that any more?" provoked many giggles. There were no temper tantrums over pajamas or toothbrushing, and bed was attained quickly after coming to a pausing point in the reading.

Now that he's old enough to sit still and be read to, I think many fun times will be had.
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Book Review: Harry Potter's Muggles' Guide to Magic, David B. Mouser

Book: Harry Potter's Muggles' Guide to Magic
Author: David B. Mouser
Publisher: HP Publishing USA, a division of HP Publications LTD., P. . [sic] Box 21455, Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
ISBN: 1 - 929771 - 05 - 3
Reviewer: azurelunatic

The only listing on Barnes & Noble's website that I was able to find for this author and title was a Japanese-language version, which fits with the awkward phrasing, syntax, word choice, and (sadly) formatting, editing, spelling, and facts of what is evidently a translation. Amazon.com had nothing, and Googling on "HP Publications" and "Muggles" got all of eight results.

In its essence, this is an eighty page book report on the first four Harry Potter books. Several pages at the beginning give an introduction to the series, and an overview of the basic themes. After that, there are summaries of all four books, about one page apiece, followed by several pages of the author's choice of the most memorable moments in the books, complete with page references. Pity that he doesn't specify which edition he was looking at for the pages... Collapse )
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Cutting down the noise

Why yes, Google does spider my journal.

And yes, I did include all that tasty relevant information on that book that I was just so cruel to, and yes it was outside the cut tag.

Heh. Heh-heh.

Nothing like making information easy to find, for those who are looking for it, right?
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State of the Lunatic

Headachey. Loony, avoid caffiene, avoid soda, avoid salt. You combined the opposite of this. No wonder you feel like shit, especially with that book on top of it. Sheesh. No wonder you're drinking water like you're going to move to Arrakis tomorrow.

Tired. You're misspelling left and things right, dear. Not to mention the word order, which was left intact for the samke of example. See? (Actually, this sort of typo is common for me, to have the brain a goo d several letters ahead of the fingers.)

Validated. Sandstrom was so wrong, and I was so right. His e-mail to us instructed us to be in 110 at 2pm. He got the wrong section. We're at 10 am in 119.

Potentially embarrassed. I accidentally included my signature from e-mail in my query-and-correction mail to Sandstrom. The sig includes my actual LJ (azurelunatic). It's too much to hope that Sandstrom doesn't recognize what LJ is, because I introduced him to it via my professional LJ, the one that has my actual name. Security through obscurity is not a good plan. Bad Fayoumis. Ah well, at least it's the end of the term.

Panicky. House is shambles. Party in week plus few days. Worry, worry, super-scurry.
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From the "Donkey Slash Night" "'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy" files...

...It shows my true devotion as a geek that in Nina's "99 Red Balloons" (English version) I never, ever heard "99 Decision Street" in the lyrics, until looking them up online just tonight. I never thought that there was the possibility that I was hearing the words wrong, they made so much sense. A little oddly phrased, perhaps, but no translation is perfect, especially when the original German, what I could understand of it, made more sense ... I mean, "luftballoons" is a better word than just the plain English "balloons". So, "99 Decision Street" never entered my head.

So, what did I hear, Gentle Readers?

"99 Decisions Tree."

Hey, it made perfect sense...
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Gemini Horoscope for week of October 23, 2003


Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Trial and error should be your main strategy these days. It's your best hope for generating reliable information. As you grope and stumble, keep in mind the following thoughts from philosopher Robert Anton Wilson. "These are the batting averages of the best hitters in baseball history: Ty Cobb: .366; Rogers Hornsby: .358; Joe Jackson: .356. Since an average of .333 means a player did not get a hit two out of every three times he batted, these champions made an out more often than they got a hit. Most professional players do much worse. Moral of the story: Unless you're a brain champion equal to these baseball champions, you're probably wrong close to two out of three times."

Point taken. ...Even if I'm that smart. Which I often am.

Cancer Horoscope for week of October 23, 2003


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Even if you're in love and happy with your partner, this is a perfect moment to ask for even more from your relationship. And if there is room for improvement in the way your love life is unfolding, it's an even more perfect moment. To launch the intimacy revolution, try this. After taking a bath and while still naked, write down the worst things that have happened to you because of being in love. Burn this document in the flame of a white candle while chanting the words "I am letting go of past disasters." Then dab cinnamon on your forehead, chest, and genitals while murmuring this: "I deserve to be in love with a lover who brings out the best in me -- a lover who inspires me to be in love with everything alive."
*sigh* If only someone I know read this 'scope...
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An Alice Cooper kind of day

School's out for the tri! School's out for the next week and a half! School had better not be left to the EETs, or they will blow it to pieces! School's out completely!
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I'm not, for the most part, getting comments e-mailed to me. I suspect that either Yahoo or LJ or both are being flaky.

Evidently there are some problems known to Support with the comments, though I'm not sure if the specific no-mail thing is known.

Ah well. It'll all shake out.
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I am so glad that I'm not a psycho hosebeast.

This person, or troll, on the other hand, is.

Once upon a time, I had a guy, and he broke it off with me. Broke it off in my ass, I might say, because he had the nerve to do this: first, he got some private time with me, and Collapse ). Then, as we were snuggling, he said, "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell anyone about this, because [new chick's name] and I are monogamous now.

It's not exactly a secret now, is it.

Also, he and I had a screaming breakup fight in the campus dorm convenience store, and the only reason that we didn't get kicked out and/or the cops called is because the guys there knew us both, and they were waiting for me to haul off and beat him about the head with the duct-tape sword I was carrying, because he so deserved it.

And, I flipped off his bride as she was walking up the aisle. (He knows about this, now. Revenge is sweet, especially when chilled for three years.)

I wouldn't exactly call me Super-Ex, but I wouldn't call me psycho either. Depressed and furious, yes, but with good, very good, cause.
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Um, no.

Kids showed up again today. They showed yesterday, saying that today was the last day they were going to be here. "Forever, or for this week?" I asked.

"For now."

Turns out that there was one of those sudden changes of plans, and their mom didn't get her stuff packed up in time to leave yesterday...


Another culture, yes, but ... they're not going to school here anymore, they're going to school there, and when they aren't there to get to school, and when, regardless of culture, they don't listen to marxdarx and are rude to him -- not the sort of influences I want the Little Fayoumis around.


If it was just Tommy, it would be fine. Two boys of the same age, I can handle. Introducing a little girl into the mix is ... awkward and I can't handle it.
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Snap back to reality, oops there goes gravity...

Borrowing one of votania's suitcases, putting stuff in there. I need to do laundry today or tomorrow. I notice that half my backpack is filled with books. OK, only 1/4, but still.

Not so much for reading, for reference.

And I still need to cleanse that rope.
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swallowtayle --

-- Karma from the TSKC is catching up with me. Little Fayoumis, having been given the collapsible laundry bins as playthings, is setting them up as traps, and evidently I am the prey.

My throat is sore from laughing.
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Traps, Sandstrom, Halloween

Called Darkside for the nth time. This time he was there. We talked about the party. He won't get his schedule until Friday.

Talked about finals, and my inadvertent sharing of my real LJ with Sandstrom. Darkside and I snickered about that; I shared what one of the cute things that came up when you Google on Sandstrom and azurelunatic -- the day where I was grinning because Darkside was wearing a suit, and cRon suggested that I burn all his other clothes. "Ahh, that day," Darkside said, much enlightened, and went on to further speculate that perhaps a suit worn every day would not do him much good at job interviews.

We talked about the proposed guest list for the party. It's already bigger than last year's. He was ready to shoot Bald Guy out of a very big catapult last year.

We talked about my karma from Uncle Skippy and the TSKC, and my history with swallowtayle. He was warm and amused ... and exhausted. Too short on patience to deal with LF, which I respected.

Buffer error.

He always makes me smile. King of No Time, Queen of Awful Timing.

Buffer error. I miss him.