October 24th, 2003

trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

A little story about closeness and friendship...

Once upon a time, there were two best friends. And they were very close to each other. One day, one friend was reaching out to the other friend, and slipped! His finger went up her nose. It was kinda disgusting, especially when he wiped his hand on her sleeve.

And she said, "No one has ever put their finger up my NOSE before!"

That was, of course, because no one had ever stood close enough to touch her, let alone get their finger up her nose, even by accident.

Moral of the story: We often wind up hurting the ones we're closest to, because no one else is in range.
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Minutae of having body-roommates

I don't know of anyone who refers to the primary personality as "the Lunatic". If others are referring to me, even though this is my journal, so I have right to the name, they call me "Joanie", or "'Ni", because that's my name-name.

"The Lunatic" is actually one of my names that I use when I refer to us entire collective. We're more of a cooperative than a traditional roommate structure. "The Lunatic is not awake yet!" I might say in the third person.

When others are referring to all of us, they mostly say "the body" or "the Collective", depending.
running, bomb tech

Safe here!


Up way too early. To airport, breakfast, on plane. Not stopped by security. Drat my body. Very whiny lady. Guy sitting next to me offered to the flight attendant to buy her a drink just to shut her up. Nice turbulence. Pretty Steph in airport waiting. Ugly-ass purple suitcase. AIIIGH! ASH FALLING FROM SKY! Cab dispatcher guy vs. the Red Book. Cab ride with psychotic train signals.

Broken DSL modem. Dammit. Nap. SNAKIES! Unpacking. Cheese sandwich.

Goddamn ash. Saw ywalme in passing in group of people by East. Did not get indicated as to which one was her.

Computer lab, logged in as sithjawa. Bad Steph. Bad Loony. Good 'net access.
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Stuff, things.

Evidently the snake who got to hold me was Meridian. I think. Stripy and red and black and white? Pretty. Small. Snake. Wrapped around my hand and wrist. *melt* SNAKIE!!!!

OK, so I think I like friendly snakes.


Cyberpunk night is not to happen for me. Must go to concert instead.

Must also contact Dawn with contact info with the thing and the thing. Yeah.
running, bomb tech

'scuse me while I kiss the sky's ASS!

ywalme has been getting things (especially, the human interaction chains leading me to be here right now, from CTY and Darkside) explained to her.

Complete with LJ names.

We are in the hybrid lab.

Soon, like right now, I will go, get water, and go places to get things and do things and... stuff.