October 25th, 2003

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Yesterday: fly, get to Steph's, sleep, hang in lab, hang with people, dinner, concert, crash.


Woke up well before sithjawa, and amused myself with Kushiel's Chosen until she woke up. Then we ran to breakfast at Platt before it closed. Well, brunch.


The vehicle of choice on campus seems to be the skateboard.

I called Dawn and Marx and Votania, and said hi. Dawn will show up tomorrow to drag me off while Steph is in concert.

Plans for stuff are very non-existant. The lack of 'net at Steph's is really cramping both of our styles.

Mudd reminds me much of CTY. Only, I think there are more politics, and less "Stop that, it looks like you're having fun." And more sex.
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sithjawa has a three hour concert (or it feels like it, at least) right now; I am sitting on one of the couches in the quad at eastdorm with her laptop plugged into an extension cord, and wireless. [Edit: yes, Mudd really is that geeky. I figured that the best way to introduce myself would be by posting in their community.]

And I found a Livewire at the Chevron on the corner.

Life is good.

So, I'll be reading my friends page right about now.
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running, bomb tech

E-mail? Post? Wheee!!!

Evidently paid users can post via e-mail now. This is
nifty, and this'll mean that I can post from votania's mother's, because it won't show up
in the history.

running, bomb tech

Email post details

Details on the email post feature. I'm under the impression it's paid. w00t. I love my permanent account. I tested it and it works -- however, I cannot do that which I just did, the two dashes -- that's the "ignore everything after this point" signal.

Small price to pay for nifty.
running, bomb tech

Meeting people

Have met Kim's secret clone Kay. She had seen me around the dorms for a while lately.
running, bomb tech


Exhausted, or something. I think my eyes are burning
out. This screen is very bright.

Going to be hanging out with Dawn tomorrow. I'm amused
that since I have a female friend Dawn and a male
friend Don that I speak about, I have to specify which
one is which.

I elected to wear my sandals to Mudd this evening,
which was a good choice. My black sneakers are stylish
and just not quite the correct size, meaning that bad
things happen.

This laptop is not quite like Tigereye. It is a pretty
and shiny laptop, much lighter, and somewhat smaller.
I think.

It's movie night in eastdorm, and I'm out
on the quad monopolizing the white couch by ywalme's room, where by 'white' I mean 'kind
of offwhite tannish'. I notice also that I am a verbal
chameleon. The form "blah blah blah blah N blah, where
by N I mean X", is common here. I am amused by it. I
think that my ability to pick up Muddspeak is thanks
to my verbal chameleon abilities, plus the very key
thing of having heavily corresponded with boojum in my formative years.

Ah. There is Ariel. People who I have heard gossiped
of in text, showing up to say hi. Odd.
running, bomb tech


"Screendrip" is a technical term.
"Bitchy Old Mother" is also a technical term.

No one really needs a valid reason to do things with cool geek toys. Though, if LJ's being flaky, and having pages time out (it isn't) that's a great reason to post from email. And votania's Old Mom's computer. Hehe.

I should really set up my sig so it has the LJ termination thing embedded.


Not bad.
running, bomb tech

More things.

Evidently the closest grocery stores to here are on strike.

My nose is also on strike. It's ... almost better than Phoenix air, the fire air.

Just met willskyfall. Also ziqueenmab as well. And, erm, Brian.

"Some forests are tall and dry. Some forests are on fire." Brian is not Strongbad.

I'm definitely too tired.

So people are coming up and saying hi to me. Evidently this is the result of me introducing myself.
running, bomb tech

These people say things.

"Why don't you just quit while you're ... not so far behind?"

And then, with people...

People freestyling Strongbad's techno... and then when I cussed according to "The Terrible Mister Grimshaw", people chimed in.

memnus is evidently Brian. Not exactly intuitive, but it works. My brain is fragged.

origamist is Ariel. I can't wait to be hit with the ninja stars.
running, bomb tech

One more sacrifice...

Realized I needed to make a sacrifice to Eris (the goddess, not the cat), as I hadn't yet.

Realized that it was not exactly the moment to be doing so, and we didn't really have anything appropriate.

Grabbed a Kleenex. Shredded it, in the name of Eris (the goddess), rather in the manner that Eris (the cat) would have done.

All was well.
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(no subject)

Is fire that is the red on the horizon, not red aurora. Feel gypped.

the bathroom in East is labelled "Office." No commnet.

Sprinted when I should not have. Lung doom.