October 26th, 2003

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Claremont + Fire = Not Happy

Live from the lounge at eastdorm at Harvey Mudd College, it's a little like this.

Anime on the screen. Tang of smoke in the air. Two computers buzzing merrily away: sithjawa researching on her laptop, me on the lounge computer that is old and slow.

Outside, falling ash makes for nasty breathing. To our general north, glowing is visible on the hill/mountain. Sometimes there are large plumes of smoke lit by firelight. Particles of charcoal are falling and getting in our hair.

The intensity of light varies. I'm not thrilled when it gets brighter. It's dimmer now, much to our happiness.

I think I'm developing a hangover.
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running, bomb tech

Nice fire in Claremont

Anyone have any current info on the fire that's
nearest to Claremont, CA, specifically the Claremont
colleges? It's not looking so good from the road, but
we're not seeing any evacuation orders at present.

Nevertheless, scared me nearly sober.

wild rose


Woke up around tennish. Read. There were voicemail messages: votania motherhenning, and also Dawn.

sithjawa and I wound up wrapping some of my "goddamn veils" around our delicate breathing equipment and walking down to Mudd.

Turns out that Dawn and I won't be meeting up, as getting from where she is to where I am with the fires is not happening. Ah well. She conveyed her apologies; I made mention of acts of God(s), and also that Eris probably needed more than just a kleenex.

Steph is singing now.

Melissa is doing ride to airport tomorrow.

At some point I will be calling the happy number for the airline and checking on my flight. I'm flying out of Ontario, not LAX.

origamist just came by with a blue ninja star. I snerked and disturbed the guy up on the platform reading LotR.

My suitcase is somewhat packed, kinda. I have the key stuff in my backpack, which is with me. Dawn has offered crash space in case of evacuation. Yay, Dawn!
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Sunday, Oct 26: Hanging at Mudd (mostly in eastdorm) with sithjawa and everybody else.

Monday, Oct 27: Going to airport, driven by person. Yay, person. Arriving home in Phoenix around 5:30-ish. Going back home to relieve yaksha42 of fayoumis-duty.

Tuesday, Oct 28: Recovery, and/or party-planning/cleaning.

Wednesday, Oct 29: Party-planning/cleaning, unspecified.

Thursday, Oct 30: Party-planning/cleaning, unspecified. Possibly the bleeding thing.

Friday, Oct 31: Halloween party. Potluck. Costume optional. No smoking, incense OK. Booze OK, but drunkenness discouraged. Contact me for mappage.

Saturday, Nov 1: Recovery/cleaning from party.

Sunday, Nov 2: Recovery/cleaning from party, unspecified.

Monday, Nov 3: School starts up again with new schedule.
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Meeting people

If you've run into me, or I you, here at eastdorm, do go ahead and comment so that I can attempt to match username to face? I have the Friends List of Doom, in that it's 200+, so LJ names are starting to blur together.
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(no subject)

Thingy; AmWest has said that no more flights tonight or something out of LAX/Ontario.

Hope I can get out tomorrow.
running, bomb tech


Ontario looks like it's running well again. Yay.

We still may quite probably spend the night at Mudd.
running, bomb tech


Hung in the lounge sitting on the news. Then, went for dinner with assorted people. Nice food. Interesting fun. sithjawa is now officially called "hotlips" by me, just because. (I get whacked over the head when I call her that.)

Then, there was a study break going on in the rec center place. Cheese. Et cetera.

After that, someone was playing Rammstein in the lounge. I snagged a duct tape sword, and wound up slaying sithjawa several times.

Now, M*A*S*H. Major Stoner. What a name.