October 31st, 2003

wild rose

Wherein Loony is Good, Very Good...

...and, just to make sure all is OK, checks to make sure that all is OK, before Situations might develop in which the Lunatic might be 99% positive that all would be OK, but it would be awkward to check just at that identical moment.

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running, bomb tech

Small grammar peeve becomes rant...

You may not know who you are. But you're out there. You may be perfectly innocuous users of the English language, and normally never trip my GHA! filters. Until ... the lurking horror.

I'm talking, of course, about the compulsive use of you and I.

"What?" one of you might say. "I thought it was supposed to be like that!" Actually, no, not always.

For the sake of politeness, one is supposed to put the other party first and one's self last, yes. But sometimes "you and I" is the right phrasing, and sometimes it is "you and me".

How to test it? Take out them, and just leave oneself.
I never thought this would happen! can therefore safely become You and I never thought this would happen!, but I never thought this could happen to me! must become I never thought this could happen to you and me!
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Oh. Yeah. Samhein. That.

Busy witch here. House has been cleaned. Busy cats. shammash was too full to do more than sniff the chunk of stew meat that fell on the floor.

I was honestly expecting Darkside to show up at the butt-crack of dawn again.
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She is so right.

"...That was NOT a weekend. That was a disaster area." --sithjawa, on the weekend that happened to also be my visit.
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Stew's in progress. votania is baking. There is some booze chilling. Once I wake up, I need to cut up more potatoes, some carrots, and onion, and shove them in the stew.

Clothes: shadesong asked, and I'm answering. Right now, I'm wearing black stealth pants (look like slacks, feel like sweatpants) and my sleeveless black "GEEKS RULE" shirt from Torrid. (I really feel like it's missing some text... shouldn't it say "LUSERS DROOL" below that in stealth printing?) On my head, the wide blue goddamn veil as a scarf. Nothing in the way of shoes/socks as yet.

marxdarx is awake, wandering around in boxers. *yawn*

And I failed to scrub off all the acrylic paint from my skin from where I was painting last night. I have black streaks on my arm, yellow spots on my hands, and more black splotches on my legs.


Lunatic was woken up early by votania, who wanted to make sure I got the stew on.

Now I think I'm going to crash out a little for a while...
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Pr0n, real women, young people, education, standards, and the Lunatic

Short opinion on the pr0n/no porn thing that's been going around: yes, I approve of pornography and erotica, especially erotica.

However, as with everything, it's to be used with caution. Collapse )

I like to pride myself that I have a realistic ideal body image and physical standards for myself. Collapse )

I have found that attitude, personality, and mind is the defining factor in the sort of relationship that lasts, not a porn-star body. Collapse )

Some women declare that they want to look like fashion models, or that they can't measure up to porn-star standards. Collapse )

I don't really think that men expect porn stars to be real women, any more than women expect the mannequins in department stores to look like real women. (YMMV, of course.) Collapse )

If someone's in a sexual relationship, and only wants sex out of it, and not actual relationship stuff, then they might as well be wanking to porn. There will be just as much, if not more, involvement, and less chance of hearts breaking. If, however, they're mature enough to want hugging, kissing, couple in-jokes (right, hotlips? *ducks*), and all the other things that come with a relationship, that's what porn can't give, and a real partner can.
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Any Moment Now...

...Any moment now, my best friend will be showing up.

I hope traffic's all right.

*quiet smile*
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He's here.

Lightsaber fights.

Dark Jedi costume.
Azzcalm, Quiet


Darkside's here.

He and the Little Fayoumis are gaming right now.

He brought his campaign. The one from last year.

I am, naturally, delighted.

In a very low-key sort of way. Very very low-key.

Mr. President and the guys are due to show up in 40 minutes or so.

LF doesn't seem to be going trick-or-treating. He's declining in favor of gaming. (Damn, and I wanted some quiet time...)
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Getting the party started

Mr. President & party arrived. The PS2 has been taken over. Partying has been engaged.

reichiere has yet to appear. She's bringing cookies. Perhaps these will be a better success than votania's hard and burned rendition of Chef's "Chocolate Salty Balls".
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Things We Never Thought We'd See

Darkside declined to get up and dance.

Mr. President determined that this was not a good thing.

So, he threw his arms around Darkside and gave him a big ol' hug and a smack on the cheek.

Darkside declined to break Mr. President's fingers. He's such a gentleman.