November 2nd, 2003

running, bomb tech


Going offline.

May return in tears.

Fucking with system, y'see.
running, bomb tech

Hss. More computer shit


I find my driver CD for the NIC, shut all down, restart in safe mode, remove drivers for both installations of the NIC (If you ask, I'll tell, but it's not pretty), install NIC with proper driver.


Network as flaky as it was to start with.

And still no connectivity to Chronos.

So I whammy the M$N connection into behaving itself...

So we're back at square 1. Network cable plugging and unplugging itself, but Chronos has connectivity.

God-fucking-damn it.

(I just said, to votania, "Chi-yo-tsu-fucking-li!" Nothing like unintentional bilingual expletive infixation in what was already shocking language.)
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running, bomb tech

Connectivity problems?

Anyone else out there having massive connectivity problems, especially involving Microsoft/MSN/Hotmail in some way?

Especially involving a lot of DNS errors?

I'm trying to figure out what is up by using some of the tools at, and so far I haven't been able to duplicate votania's problems.
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Imagination, subdivision, quite a bit of multiplicity

Sometimes I feel like I don't particularly exist: that, if I wanted to, I could, would, and have warped myself out of recognition with myself, just because I thought it would be fun.

I am a physical body. My brain is stored in the physical body. Inside the brain is stored a set of memories, and several sets of preferences and patterns of choices and viewpoints from which to view the memories.

I'm learning which things I prefer, which preferences are mutable, and which things I tamper with at my own peril.

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I can imagine myself as different, and if the difference sticks, it will come to pass. Method acting, research, and a way of engraving new patterns and habits in the brain.
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running, bomb tech


It works so much better when you give them a DNS address.
running, bomb tech

Day yesterday:

Woke up. Realized that I'd already done most of the post-party cleanup the night before, and that there wasn't much to clean up from.

Puttered around the house, had stew for breakfast, called Dawn, talked about stuff including my near-inability to tell Darkside's IP from based on signature.

Went and gave plasma. Read Robin McKinley's Beauty, which I'd either read while zonked, previously, or never read.

Got picked up by votania; together sought refueling and evening meal. The sub place was closed/drivethrough only; Sushi Q is an actual place to eat, and not a place from which takeout is appropriate. Jack-inna-crack! (Onna stick!)

Discussed Darkside with V&M. It looks so very different from the outside looking in. I'd forgotten how very asocial/antisocial he is by nature and training, because he's so often warm and open with me. I can read him because we've known each other for three years, almost. I'm still learning what the translations are, what I'm getting wrong, what I'm getting exactly correct.

I tend to think that I can't understand him particularly well, but then I find myself in the position of translator from his perspective into someone else's, and I realize that I'm just very accustomed to him, in the same way that adults not of the family can't understand what the toddler is saying. He's far more articulate and intelligable than a toddler, but he hasn't honed his communication skills to the fine levels that I have.

After that: Ghost in the Shell. Little Fayoumis was falling asleep, but manfully stayed mostly awake for the whole thing.

Then, I whacked at the network, and got it mostly working.
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Neologisms and the g33ks who (don't) love them.

Am I the only one who thinks that "nanowrimo" is

a) silly as a name for an event?
b) reminiscent of something very small, and possibly squiggly, dirty, and/or infectious?
c) potentially difficult to pronounce?
d) only waiting for the day when a kid gets named it?
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running, bomb tech


Sometimes I feel like my function in this household is to walk around picking up things, putting them in the trash, the sink, or away as appropriate, and turn off lights.
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running, bomb tech

Debate, debate.

I want leftover Halloween chocolate on sale.
I should not be eating same.
I should be saving money.
Bad Lunatic should not be tempted to go to store once it gets dark.