November 3rd, 2003

running, bomb tech


There is now a little place serving Starbucks here at DeVry. Tell me that neither of these things is the Evil Empire. Heh.

I'm in a group in my first class. Yay, me. I'm in the group with the guy who reads. He reads F/SF, and religious (Christian) stuff. We have much overlapping taste in books. He's always sounded like fun.

Haven't seen the GSU around, though evidently we're meeting today. Now. I'm just hanging in the lab working. Well, reading, and writing.

I'm going to print out what I've got of The Necromancer's Prayer so far, so that I can scribble on it in class.

I'm also thinking about biting my lip, swallowing my pride, and walking into Hell and asking for a job. Update to follow.
running, bomb tech

H2 O is my friend!

Water's off for the apartment complex for ... maybe an hour.


That was an hour ago.

Maybe I'd better go check.

Meanwhile, the cats are entertaining themselves with that thing where they pretend to be much bigger than they really are, by virtue of not occupying the space that they're in for very long, and thus within any given one-second time frame, they occupy at least enough space for ten stationary cats, maybe more.

Water still off. Marx vs. Little Fayoumis homework happening.
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the Blue Couch, and the birds

The two favorite hens were Calico and Aurora. Calico, because she was agreeable and friendly and would eat almost anything, and didn't mind being held while reading or dressed up and paraded about, and Aurora, because she went everywhere with Calico, she was difficult to catch, and she had an air of aristocratic beauty.

The birds came in the house all the time, and were treated much like cats, only like incontinent cats. They were allowed to roam freely downstairs, with a mop-up squad on duty, but not on the good blue couch. They were not allowed upstairs, because cleanup of the rug and beds would be problematic. They were not allowed to jump up on tables or counters. They were allowed to sit in laps and be petted, usually with a rag for a drop-cloth. They were given table scraps and choice tidbits. Unlike cats, we didn't have to worry so much about claws... *glares at Co's reincarnation*

Like cats, Calico and Aurora didn't have much taste for following the rules. Calico was better about it, though, because she was a hungry hen, and also she cared about what we thought of her. Aurora, on the other hand, genuinely did not give a shit. She knew what the rules were; you can tell that with animals. She just didn't care for them.

One day, I saw Calico sitting on the Orange Couch, where she was allowed to be, but didn't go all that often. She looked absolutely adorable and comfortable sitting there. Mama got out the camera. Somewhat later, we looked at the Blue Couch, and saw Aurora sitting there as if she belonged there. She looked so very adorable that we didn't shoo her off the couch immediately. Mama got out the camera. Aurora was so much more photogenic than Calico, even though Calico had it way over her in personality.
running, bomb tech

As elynne put it, "Did someone move the furniture?"

Evidently there's something going on with journal styles. People with customizations are finding themselves reset. So, for all of you out there saying, "What the fuck?" it's not just you.

The cause/fix is unknown to me at this time.