November 6th, 2003

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A /. AC comment that I modded down (offtopic, though it was probably more accurately either flamebait or troll, as "yiffing" (if you don't know, you probably don't want to: I don't even know exactly what it means, and I'm glad) was the main idea) worked its way into the dream. How, I'm kind of vague on, but it involved the author bothering me, and lots of metamoderation.

I wound up letting the cat in at, like, 4:30 am. The light was on in the living room, too. Again. *sigh* Guys? Power. Waste. Gar. I know, tired, but just turn it off when you leave the room even if you're going right back in there?

McGuirk's lecturing on how to use Mainframe Express, and so far it's interesting. She'll give us these hours for our own time, evidently. (Do I trust her on that? ...No, not really... [)]
running, bomb tech


COBOL looks pretty simple, actually. For someone who thinks like a Vulcan. Which, happily, I am. I was just one step behind the teacher in the debugging of someone else's code that I got that was all buggered buggy.

She tells us that later on, we'll have to write our own code.
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My head. Oy.

COBOL lab, 2 hours. History lecture, 1 hour. (I'd really hate to see a history lab, though a "creative contemporary history lab" could be interesting, in the classical context of "interesting" as a formal malediction...) Server Admin lab, 2 hours. Next up: COBOL lecture, 1 hour.

This is my rough day.

After this, I get to wait around until 3p before picking up LF.
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"Pearls before swine"

So, back in high school, we had a unit on the Bible and its role in literature: the language, and its influence on other writings.

The teacher asked us to come up with Biblical allusions that are used in everyday speech. Out of a class of twenty or more, there were two active voices: the "bad girl" who belonged to the art wing, and me, the pagan. There was general silence from the rest of the class, which included the LDS faction.

The teacher was somewhat taken aback at the lack of response from the class, and began suggesting more.

"Pearls before swine," I muttered, for her ears only.

I love making teachers laugh.
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I don't think there *can* be an effective apology for this.

The thing I find appalling is that I am sure that nearly each and every one of the people complicit in the torture of the poor man were convinced that they were doing the correct thing, for great justice, truth, and so forth.

I'm sorry that those people are calling themselves human, and I'm sorry that I don't know what to do to make it fucking stop.

... I'm glad that I'm raising a sane and honorable child who is learning respect for others. I suppose that's one of the only, and the best, things I can do.
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