November 7th, 2003

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So LJ's not loading the things I want to comment on.

othercat: Albertsons is evil. Evil. I can't begin to plumb the depths of the evil that is them. A stake through the heart is not good enough. And I didn't even work there. Suffice to say that ... well. I'm not going into the evil outside of a friends-lock, but remember last fall when I was totally stressing to the point that I went into shock when no one else was home and it was my good luck that I was on the phone with Mr. Boyscout Darkside who had me wrap up in a blanket and get my ass to bed? Their fault.

Pope-guy who commented in a som_pos thread re: the "Eris, you BITCH!!!!!" thing: Of the n devotees/Chosen of Eris/Discordia I know, I do believe that at least n - 1 have at one point or another screamed same or some variation on the theme.

frameacloud: If no one else has already mentioned it, hold down the alt key, press random things on the number pad, let go the alt key, and you'll have characters. There are lists out there detailing which characters go with which number; I remember that jdllama and I used to have amusing conversations with certain characters.

jdllama: Hope you're doing all right there, man. Haven't heard from you in a while.
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There were dreams. They were large, complex, taking place over a large amount of space. Assorted people had cameo appearances, including shadesong and grrwoo (the Nexus powers at work!) and Darkside at my side for just enough time to make his presence known and felt. It felt like really-him, not just someone with his name and face.

Oh, and there were airport scanners, sully2001ca, ralmathon, Mama, FatherSir, disposing of something explosive in the wood stove, covering that up with cooking a special dish, lying to Mama about same...

Y'see, ordinarily, if I had something mildly explosive and needed to get rid of it, I would tell FatherSir, and he and I would determine the best way to set it off or dispose of it safely. But since Sully insisted that we tell no one ... good gods, the thing was set to go off on the kitchen table!

Sully, I'm really sorry about the behaviour of your dream-self, and it doesn't reflect at all on you in the waking world.
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Horrors of the Holiday

votania may or may not actually get Thanksgiving off, being as that's one of the top travel days, so therefore a very busy work holiday.

Her mother, "Grandma", holds that holiday as one of the most sacred: the holiday for getting family together and doing stuff, and the only excuses for missing it are being dead, out of the area, or working and unable to get away.

votania will possibly be working. marxdarx and Little Fayoumis and I will not be.

I could see Grandma figuring that, well, Mommy is working, but Little Fayoumis of course needs and wants to spend the holiday with Family, as that's what the holiday is for... He's seven, after all, and seven is well enough time to begin learning the responsibilities of the family, and celebrating with the family thing... leaving us yanked along with, as we're not about to let him endure one of those things without some representatives of sanity, and without a vehicular means of easy escape. There's no bus service in Mesa on holidays...


Oooooh, let's hope Grandma does not think of that...
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Top Cat

There are so many households where the roost is ruled by the cats. The joke is ha-ha-only-serious that when there is a cat/human relationship, the human claims to own the cat only at the one's peril, and the relationship actually goes the other way around.

Humans guiltily impose discipline on cats, and cats train their humans well, or that's the way it ends up being.

I'm not one of those households, really. Cats do as they will, and I've learned how to be at the top of the pecking order, because I won't accept anything less. I expect good behaviour and orderliness out of children, and love them all the same; I do that with cats also. The cats are expected to NOT be on the keyboard, to behave decently unto each other, to not scratch the good furniture, to come when called. (OK, some of that is a little unrealistic, but I'm a behaviorist. I can get results. shammash stays off the keyboard, and eris_raven comes when called.)

The "Cat Whammy" is not particularly known around here. The cats try it, but they don't usually get their way. I can resist the four-year-old whammy, ditto up through seven. (He's getting better, though.) Cats are *nothing* compared to that.

I'm just the top cat. I'm willing to hiss, yell, get in faces, grab by scruffs of necks, and bite ears if necessary to maintain that status.

So far, it seems to be working fairly well.
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I'm glad Friday's a light day, schoolwise, and I'm glad I've an hour before COBOL to recover. COBOL's going to be my heavy, draggy class, I think, even though I excel at diagramming programs. Server Admin's going to be my hands-on-I-love-it class, and History and Career Development are the "soft" classes. History's mostly lecture, so I should probably bring crocheting.
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LJ is eating up too much of my time. Not writing, reading. So, went through the list, and the "Entries are skimmed" entities (communities, people) went first.

More stuff (adjustments, etc) may follow.

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Let's see.

I re-read Dealing With Dragons, Patricia C. Wrede.
I read Beauty, Patricia C. Wrede. I thought it was a re-read, but it was either not, or it was first read in one of my black fogs.
I read Sunshine, Robin McKinley.
I re-read The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley.
I re-read The Dragon Waiting, John M. Ford, thinking it was a first-time read, and finally getting it this time. (I was too young, too fogged, or both.)
I re-read Diplomatic Immunity, Lois McMaster Bujold, and liked it much better.

This isn't in one day, mind. It's just all (I think) either after Halloween or slightly before, and since.

All of them are or should be old friends.

Letters that we never meant to send, lost and thrown away

I think tonight, now that the shackles have been released, is the night to write the letter about the letter that ... I don't think will be written.

That is, I think, why I bound myself so.

And it's time I told him.
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You must understand that most of this is old emotion, that needs to be aired and discussed with he who is most involved. I haven't been quite right at all since ... the longest time.

Also, the rapid decline in posting these days is thanks to my paper journal, which sits me through classes. Once I write about something once, I'm less likely to duplicate my words here.
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... I read fanfic.

Tomorrow there's to be a picnic. I'm not sure what I'm to bring. Hmm. I'll think of something. Something that isn't deviled eggs.
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