November 9th, 2003

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Just so there's backup that I can Google for: I left a copy of the (written) letter I wrote to Darkside, explaining the unwritten letter that I will likely never write, here. Link is private.
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Changed name from: Windstorm of Starlight
to: Windstorm touched by Eternal Flame


There was stuff in my dreams last night. Darkside was there. There was some kind of thing going on, and he was from an old and respected wizarding family. He stood at his prescribed place waiting, and his father called his cellphone with a message. I chimed in with curiousity, and his father was ... not so much indignant as very surprised that Darkside would allow a Muggle-trained girl to touch his phone.

And it was him. Him, not just his body and what my brain says represents him.
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Higher than the Moon

easalle: The fountain thing was the 13th and 14th, right? I took a gander at the calendar... heh.

Damn SKIPPY it was the full moon!

That makes three.

I'm all for something on Sunday, December 07, as that's the day before the real full moon but it's probably going to be easier. Or, heck, maybe Monday, though we'll have to mind that I'm not too tired for school the next day.
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New Community

Hey, swallowtayle... community. I made library_monkeys. You know you want to join...

For those of us who didn't attend West Valley High School of Fairbanks, Alaska... you had to be there.

Library Monkeys. Man. I miss the Monkeys...
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Lazy day here. The rest of the gang got in early afternoonish, all exhausted. Little Fayoumis does not do well with abrupt changes in routine, and does even less well with same on top of long car rides and not much sleep.

Called the parents of an old high school friend and left my new number and new e-mail address.

Finished off Magician's Ward again.

School tomorrow. Didn't get any work on my novel done.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kid words

"You sound disappointed, little bird."
"...Poisonous little bird?"
"No, 'You sound disappointed, little bird.' Do you know what 'disappointed' means?"
So I explained it.

I did pretty much the same thing with my parents' friend Terry and the word 'unsanitary' as a kid. I hadn't encountered Terry as a name before... Fortunately, I was sufficiently inarticulate due to youth so that I was unintelligable to anyone but my parents.
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Geek showing through

Sheesh. I go to type 'cereal bars', and it comes out 'cereal vars' as being the most natural thing to type.

My inner geek is showing up, I think.

At least it wasn't serial vars. That would have just been wrong.

It scares me, a little (and yes, I typed 'scars' first) that I should be so g33k that 'vars' is more natural to type than 'bars'.
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