November 13th, 2003

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Take black marker, annotate calendar for the tuesday before Samhein, Samhein itself, and today. Thanks.
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Still productive.

Sewed up side seam of pants. Side seam has begun to disintegrate. Now, is not. Just a white-and-green seam where it might be expected to be black.

Still not all together. Much better than last night.
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Phone Post: Correcting...

116K 0:30
““Hey everybody this is the lunatic.

It's been an interesting morning. And it's probably going to get more interesting. My kind of interesting, not really ah interesting to post about kind of interesting.

Hey voice post. Cool, huh?

Wonder if anybody can actually...well everybody's ...pretty much everybody's gonna have WinAmp, right? er. dahh. I'm Windows-centric here.””

Transcribed by: multiple users
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('Song: this means you get 15 audio posts/month for $free! Here!)
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The Grammar Bitch is In

One of my favorites.

Cite: to make reference to something -- more specifically, to give credit to the work you're referencing. "Make sure you cite your sources!"

Site: a place, especially virtual. "I looked up the company's website, then I went down to the construction site."

Sight: visual stuff. "My sight went down for a few hours because I had an eye exam and they put that stuff in my eyes." "Did you see her dress? Now that was one gawdawful sight!"

Note that "That was one gawdawful ____!" can be applied to any of these three words. "That was one gawdawful citation!" would be the proper form for the first, perhaps involving a mangled student paper. "That was one gawdawful site!" could be a botched construction job or someone's mangled HTML or Landover Baptist. "That was one gawdawful sight!" could also refer to some particularly eyewatering website, or to any other eyesore.

The grammar bitch loves you...
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Feet, no walking today.

Instead, I'm limping around like a goth bumblebee doing minor things about the house, interspersed with computering.

I have grounded Little Fayoumis in absentia from the toys that have not been going in the toybox; I have scooped them up into the laundry basket and put them on top of the TV.

I have been trying to clear off the floor so that I may vacuum it.

The trouble with walking today is that I can only walk so far, so much, at a time. I expect I'll be OK within a week or two. Meanwhile -- ow. Blowfish.


Tried calling Darkside last night. Not a good time; could I call back tomorrow?

Tried calling today; bad time; call back later?

He has the cutest zombie-voice.
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It looks like I have votania and marxdarx hooked on the antics of our favorite octopus. And, aside from a little bad language (OK, shocking language: he says "Stupid", which is BAD around here) it's Little Fayoumis-safe.

Speaking of which: when Little Fayoumis grows up and rebels against the moral and social restrictions of his youth -- he's going to rebel by listening to Weird Al/Transformers soundtrack. Why? "Dare to be Stupid". I'm telling you. That is going to be a baaaaad song to listen to, with shocking language.

(And I think we'll be properly horrified. Because, you know, it's got bad language. Everybody needs to feel that they've rebelled successfully.)
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Phone posting thoughts and observations

Anyone (any user?) can transcribe the post. (Can non-friends? Can anonymous users? Would be nice to be able to set a post to friend-transcribe only, but public view.)

A transcription can be edited after it's posted, by going clicky linky again.

All versions of the transcription can be read on the edit clicky linky, with the username of the transcriber.

It would be nice to be able to have the user in question "freeze" a transcription, once it's done well, to avoid possible high-drama transcription wars, so only they could edit it after that. I mean, if I left a post singing "Happy Birthday" to someone, I would not want for J. Random Troll to have the transcription have me singing "Cartman's mom's a bitch".

I am thinking that if we go over limit on storage on the LJ server, that the transcriptions will remain and the audio files will go poof. They say that in time, we'll be able to manage our own storage.

This will be THE BOMB for parties & so forth.

Pity they don't have more than one authorized phone number -- I know I would like to be able to post from a home phone and a cellphone, if applicable, for example. Or from my girlfriend's phone. Even though that would mean that if she knew my PIN, that she would be able to leave taunting messages to me in my own journal.

I am assuming that the "log in by hand" rather than doing so by caller ID would allow for multiple users working with the same phone number (multiple LJ house, right here at templeravenmoon!).

I'm getting valuable real-world program exploration and support experience by using LJ.
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Nice phone.


Any given discussion of "is not"/"is too" will inevitably degenerate into "Snot Stew". And when the male half of the discussion says, "I can keep it up for hours!", the female half of the discussion will break down into giggles. This after the bit where I went into detail on the reason I said 80 gigs instead of half a terabyte -- the 80 came from that one Freudian slip where he said "Who has 80 megs of hard disk space?" only he didn't say disk.

He might actually check out the UAO, after I mentioned the fan subs. (Subtitles, love.) This leads to the Lunatic being very thrilled.

I got to tell him about my surreal picnic, and I got to explain vorpal swords and Jabberwocks to him. He'd never heard the poem before. And I told him about the thing with Shrimpy on the bus.

And he was all warm and we were happy and silly together.

I want to be with this man every day of this life, and beyond.

That's not even getting into the school, and me inviting him for supper, and him allowing me 30 seconds of being pathetic (at my request). And me talking about the last time I actually had a friend in one of my classes. (2001.)
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Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

There are LJ things happening right now. In the immortal words of othercat: "Lj is being weird. "

Namely, it's on crack. eng1ne has a bunch of blank, friends-locked posts in his friends list, dating back to 1918 and 1908.

It was bad code, which they rolled back, as per status.

I'm still all giggly.

They need a notification when someone posts a new transcription of a post of yours.

I just thought of an excellent application for the phone post. Can we say Thanksgiving (if I'm going)?
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Darkside and templeravenmoon disagree on age-appropriate, especially as concerns Little Fayoumis.

It's nice to know that we're not in perfect accordance on everything.