November 15th, 2003

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I can hold two well-behaved cats at once. Even if one of them's a medium-to-large cat.

Not for particularly long, if they both decide to leave, but... temporarily.

It would be fun to get a photo of it sometime. It would also be fun to get the photo with me holding three hens at once in all different directions as a userpic.
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Stuff, things

Tomorrow is a Family Day. Movies are on the agenda.

P'raps I'll be able to give plasma in addition to the family happiness.

I need to do laundry.

Cleaned out the catbox tonight. That will be a happy little cat-fayoumis.

Got myself some old/new icons. One of them is a classic. The other one is a family classic, but never-before seen here, except by swallowtayle, who was there for the photo shoot (standing by with the water).

I really need to crop/shrink one of the photos of Marah or me with eris_raven and have that; eris_raven also needs some icons of her own.

Feet are still not happy.

Dawn is sick. :(

My headline reader has been banned. I may only load headlines every 30 minutes. In 72 hours, my ban will be lifted. I need not bother contacting them for 72 hours. Thus saith slashdot, and I believe. Our reader is slashdotting them, evidently. How apropos. Or not.

My cat is furry. I am freshly showered and thus slightly damp. My left ankle is t3h hurt. I have either a nasty pimple, a toxic insect bite, or a cat-claw stab on the back of my left shoulder. I'm betting on cat-stab.

Oh, and I woke up this morning after dreaming about scorpions in my bed. Niiiice. I do believe that it was the universe with the poly-camp by the lake that was in the leachfield back home. Camp wasn't there, but same universe. The scorpions in the bed wasn't the point of the dream, it was just the point at which I woke up. I was talking to someone who was either hlynna, Aunt-Fayoumis, Guide Dog Aunt, all of the above at once or some combination, or not.

pyrogenic is the person on LJ I've known second-longest. Collapse ) And that's how I got on LJ.
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running, bomb tech

Heeeeere, buggy buggy buggy...

Every little bit, randomly, when I load my own journal (immediate page, and archives) it seems to pretend that I don't have a default picture chosen, and doesn't display the picture in the information component, and doesn't display the default pictures in the side by each entries. Non-default *seems* to be there, occasionally.

I have the most interesting phrases. "...he was told to go lose himself thoroughly before she forcibly lost him."
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Friends, sanity

I suppose it is a mark of ... some kind of devoted friendship ... when someone reads your journal, finds it too fsking insane, and runs the other direction -- from the journal only, and not the friendship.
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Went to bank en masse. Went to mall for movie-age. Wandered about recklessly/aimlessly, impeded by my walking speed (close to zero), and made the movie on time. It was Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, and as anticipated, Little Fayoumis loved it.

I must say that I both do and don't see what all the fuss is about over Jack. He has Attitude, he has flair ... and it does very little for me. Maybe I'd be more ga-ga over him had 50 zillion other women not fallen all over him first.
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Got to talk with Darkside this morning. We spent a lazy half-hour or so on the phone.
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votania and gang dropped me off at the plasma place. They were showing The Rock (again). Now, it's not a bad movie, but there are only so fucking many times you can see it.

Happily for me, the guy in the next bed over greeted me with "Blessed be," and the conversation was off and running from there. Mostly we talked computers.
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In other news...

...Naomi is ten now. Maybe she'll be old enough to have a job by the time I graduate. It wasn't so long ago that she was six or seven.
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Some of this Catholic stuff that I'm looking up, for my novel, feels awfully familiar. Though it's probably widespread. A lay minister given a confession must hold it as though they were a priest.

What the FUCK? Randy dresses like Ron Weasley. That is to say, the Weasley Sweaters. He's also a bit of a pedant. I'm guessing that 'pedantified' is not the proper way to say it, but it's my fucking book.

Also, I cuss far too fucking much for Darkside. So fuck it.

Now I want some Russian tea. And burgers. I need burgers to write. Damn it. I wonder what easalle is up to.
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More NNWM notes

Nothing like a bit of book to make me do homework. Oh, and fuck. Drew reminds me of ... someone who pyrogenic and I know. Just a little, the reminder is, but that's enough to make me go AUGGGHH! It's the female/sweet/Catholic thing. I don't think there's much overlay other than that.

Drew's arguments about herself, and sin, bounce off this idea: "a free choice to perform that act, at least implicitly rejecting or acting against God in the process." Since, by her reasoning, her choice is not free, and she has been given God's blessing in her creation, it's not sin. And stuff.
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NNWM geekage abounds, and conversations.

Collapse )

Also, I had a warm butterbeer earlier after talking with hlynna. That was fun. My tea is strong.

Collapse )

votania says that I may go on the burger run later, should I be so inclined. I intend to do so, and I intend that after I finish that, I shall probably proceed to get pissed. I'm building up my tolerance level for booze, as I deem it a wise thing to do -- in the event of getting involuntarily served alcohol, I don't wish to be utterly incapacitated.

My tea preference: two bags of general black tea (we have an assload of Lipton's about the house at the moment-stretching-back-from-June-2001) and one bag of Celestial Seasonings Orange Zinger. Hot, black, and sweet. Well, actually, it should be that color of sun-struck garnet in a clear vessel in the light, but it looks black enough in the cup. Yes, bags -- I'm not much of a tea snob.