November 16th, 2003

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NNWM scariness, continued

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Tea. Lots of tea. Not going out tonight for the snacky run -- too late/tired. Tomorrow. And then I'll be wired as fuck. I've used up a goodly number of tea bags. I should break down and buy another one of these tea pots for my room. Well, coffee, but tea anyway. That way I'll have hot water allatime?

Or get one of those hot water pots. That would be nice. Hot chocolate. But then I'd have to do more cleanup? Whassrname from eastdorm had a cool one.

Still hyper. Milesian. Word count gradually growing at 9526.
running, bomb tech


10,197 out of 50,000. 1/5 done, more or less, with 1/2 a month remaining.


scr00ed. I am t3h fux0red.

this is fun.
wild rose

More writing

I write fiction in short, hundred-word spurts. Then I take a microbreak, come back, write some more. Occasionally I get on a roll, write for longer, then look up and realize that I've lost some time. I have good work to show for it, though. Good work.

And Miss Swan was so right: try wearing a corset, for pain. One that's laced too tight.
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A readme for popular blogging.

It says a lot of things that I agree with, and some that I don't.

I intend to go back through it some day when I'm not NNWMing and do a point-by-point thought-trail on it.
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Book, and other.

That sort of hurt to write.

It's only a flashback, it's only a ghost, it's only a memory, but poor Alia has to feel it all.

easalle, votania's working next Thursday so I can't come with you. Pity, as I have actual stuff to share.

11887 words at last count; I'm resisting recounting until I have this scene finished. Cellphones are our friends. After I finish this, I might go and get something to eat. All my laundry is washed.

That's still going to be triggery for some of my friends to read. Eeek.

The romance is progressing ... I think. There's supposed to be a romance in there somewhere. *sigh*

I need to make another pass back through at some point and make sure that both Drew and Randy are slightly obnoxious about their cellphones, because it's just become a small plot point. Yay for having cellphones at the right time. This way, it won't be so much of a machina ex deus.

So she's got to, now, sort out soul-fragments.

Whee! I commented on a /. article, and I went and took a shower, and I came back to find it was modded up by four points. So it's riding at +5 Insightful right now, and another comment in the same thread is +3 Funny.