November 17th, 2003

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Oh --

and it's at 13,155 words as of earlier this evening when I quit for the night. Not quite 3000 words today. I was hoping for more.

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Paint Update

Talked with the maintenance witch yesterday (we were in the laundry room gossiping) and mentioned the different door colors.

She said that they're testing out colors to see which ones they like. Fair enough.

Little Fayoumis, coming home today, uttered the following brilliance: "Mommy's happy 'cause she likes the door 'cause it's the color of BLOOD." She sure is!
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Weekend plans, day.

Plotting on renfair. Not sure what to wear. Where's somebodies? They've been silent.

7:30 tomorrow morning: lab. Whee-and-a-half. We're the group who's been having the weird DNS errors, and of course it's my box doing it. And my transportation went down last Thursday, so I wasn't there to help it. So Bruyn will be paying attention to us, and helping out. wibbble says that BIND is often considered black arts. Hm. Does that mean that to find BIND errors, I need a DADA class?

Today was the GSU meeting, and it was good. I'm to be the webmistress, or something. I came up with a pretty nifty flyer for it, and I hope Mr. Pres signs off on it. The meeting ended at one, and I had the flyer prototype in his folder half an hour later. I have plenty of good ideas, and I sort of decided to take the "really bossy" approach, without trying to steal thunder. Um. Heh.

But yeah. The very loud pink triangles? Not flying. Not flying at all. My current flyer has a graphic (M$ clipart) of a handshake. Not exceptionable. (There have been problems with flyers getting ripped down in the past.)

Went to LF's school to pick him up. Didn't see him come out. Inquired to the teacher. Went to the playground, bellowed his name. No response. Looked around. Saw someone answering his description. Marched over, and used full complement of names. He's only supposed to stay after for club on Tuesday and Thursday.

Kids were shooting off model rockets in the soccer field.

Came home. He showed me his practice for the spelling test, and showed me the word he'd gotten wrong on the practice. I made up a sheet for him to practice writing the letters (he got the word 'jog' wrong because he'd written the j backwards), and when I noticed that he'd written the Fs wrong on his temperature sheet, I included those as well. I inquired as to why the Fs were backwards. Evidently Eli had been writing the Fs that way, so Little Fayoumis felt that he should do so as well. I gravely informed him that his friend had been wrong, and since he had been doing it like his friend, he was also wrong.

After that, and a long interlude with a calculator (I'd gotten a calculator at the dollar store back when I was in Stats class and my beloved TI-82 T'Lera disappeared; the dollar store calculator beeps and has a flashy LED), we got on to the actual homework, which is evidently introducing their unit on telling time. Mommy was grumpy about that when I mentioned it on the phone; I think we may have crossed wires, but am not sure. Fact is, most first-graders can't tell time very well yet, and yet it's not as high-priority as things like reading. So reading and numbers get covered and brushed up on first, and when they have the time, they get around to time.

Little Fayoumis has finally, finally grasped that with the minutes, you count by fives around each number. Next concept up: when the hour hand is between two numbers, you go with the lowest number. I'll sit him down with his little clock and we'll work on that.

Tonight looks to be a mending day.

Our day for the Devonshire Faire looks to be Saturday. votania has the day off, w00t!
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Priorities, priorities.

Mama called me to tell me that FatherSir's surgery went just fine. At least, I'm pretty sure that was the gist of the message. I didn't make out most of it, because Little Fayoumis was crying and I was busy hugging him.

IRQ conflict, seriously.
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Mending Day


  • Pants, black. Hole in seam in side of pants just above pocket.

  • Skirt, black. Hole in seam down back.

  • Pants, black. Hole in seam in side of leg.

  • Black & blue rose nightgown/robe thingy, votania's. Hole in seam just under armhole.

  • Broomstick dress, votania's. Evil seams becoming blown. Bad fabric. Wear-until-destroyed permissions: true.

  • Shirt, black velvet. Missing button.

  • Pants, black. Missing button. (Next time, try mending while not wearing.)

Not mended:

  • Pants, black, votania's work. Problem: missing button. Reason for not fixing: no button correct size. Solution: buy cup or two of random buttons from SAS.

  • Duffel bag, red, big-ass, technically FatherSir's. Reason for not fixing: nothing apparently wrong.

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LJ Observations

There are some things that zoom, and there are other things (/allpics.bml, the transcribe thingy) that lag like a mother.
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Have constructed a nightgown. In company with my lace shawl on my head, it reminds me of a Russian Jewish grandmother.
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I need to be in bed now, for my eight hours. I'm, naturally, not.

I'm so screwed, but I want at least a few hundred words. There are cats about. I have a new nightgown. I'm hyper.
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(ok, I do write fast.)

So, I just wrote 900-some words in less than an hour. Some of them are crap, some of them are not.

The point is, I'm good at this. Why am I refusing to acknowledge this?
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