November 19th, 2003

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eris_raven has taken to curling up next to me and making "mip" noises at me when I'm trying to go to sleep. She's actually snuggling. What's next -- flight?

She did that last night, and the night before.
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"But -- why is all the internet gone?"

Asked this to Mr. President. It came back at about that moment, evidently.

Very boring/peaceful morning. Am hungry, and contemplating the cafeteria.

Got to use "megapyrorhinotheocracy" on Sherwood's card quiz.
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Wank, wank.


Bald Guy's back here at school! Yay! ...Well, 'yay' in that he's overcome the whole getting-smashed-by-truck thing and is keeping on ... well ... "trucking" isn't the sensitive thing to say here, but... yeah. Keeping on keeping on. Yep.

Sadly, I find him too obnoxious for everyday use.

Therefore, he is to be at least mildly avoided, or at least, avoid being sucked into conversation with.
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Mystery... explained?

What do you buy for a random teenage boy?

According to scixual over in an entry of bibble's: condoms.


Hmm. Food for thought. And another thing to remember to ask.
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Assorted painful injuries of the Lunatic

Y'know, I should probably make this one of those truth/lie things. So.

Poll #207423 Find the ringer. All but one of these are injuries/personal pains suffered by the Lunatic.

Which one has the Lunatic not suffered?

Butt stabbed by cactus.
Frostbitten feet.
Toe shredded by tape dispenser.
Finger broken by large rock.
Hair set on fire.
Nipple squashed by elbow.
Soccer ball repeatedly kicked into face.
Meterstick causing dual-knee skinning.
Sprained ankle requiring ER visit.

swallowtayle probably knows the answer.
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fwgemini, fwcancer: Freewill of the Week

Gemini Horoscope for week of November 20, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
At one point in Steve Martin's novella, The Pleasure of My Company, the main character Daniel says: "The real me and a false one were competing against each other." San Francisco Chronicle reviewer David Kipen comments that "You could easily read the whole novella as the story of this competition between real and false Daniels." I think we can apply a similar description to your adventures in the coming weeks, Gemini: The deep, genuine version of you will be struggling for supremacy with the artificial, fragmented one.

Cancer Horoscope for week of November 20, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
"Dear Mr. Brezsny: I'm a feminist in a post-feminist era, a warrior poet when poetry is considered irrelevant in war, and a lone wolf amidst yapping coyotes. I've been a firefighter, journalist, and janitor -- and damn good at all three, not that anybody noticed. My questions are: Why is my success with men like that of a goat trying to herd trucks? Why is the only luck I ever have the 'avoided the falling piano at the last second' kind? Are there any cake raffle winnings in my future? -Anti-Heroic Crab"

Dear Anti-Heroic: The mournful conditions you described will take a turn for the better when you devote a concentrated time to becoming emotionally self-sufficient. During that period, vow to draw all the love you need from either yourself or whatever passes for God or Goddess in your world. Now would be the perfect moment to begin.
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I'll be to Computer Cable Specialists for an interview around fourish, on I think Friday, or maybe tomorrow, Little Fayoumis being cooperative.

If hired, the transit plan goes like so:
I can take the Red Line to Central and Camelback; 1:01 to 1:25. Then I take the Blue Line from Central to 16th Street, 1:42 to 1:57. I would be working 2 to 5, and catch the Blue Line at 5:03, get to Central at 5:15, catch the Red Line at 5:20, get back to my own stomping grounds at 5:49, and pick up the Little Fayoumis before the school's childcare place closes at 6:00.

I am mistress of schedules. They bow before my mighty BURNINATION.

I have wanted this particular job since I first saw a posting for it. Now, it may be mine. Oh yes. It may be mine.
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Got to talk with Mr. I-have-the-movie-now-and-you-don't for fifteen minutes. He was demolishing the packaging to get Gollum out. "Here, Gollum Gollum Gollum!"

He finally resorted to a saw.
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easalle, since I'm the only one on duty tomorrow night...

...this means if I give the little guy his supper early, YOU CAN DRAG ME TO WRITER'S NIGHT!!

Also, must make with the conferencing and brainstorming about the Faire, as Votania can't go after all.
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Tolerance, cheap date

I have had about 6 ounces of a beverage that is legally "beer" in Texas.

I am intoxicated to the point of typographical errors, a certain warm and relaxed feeling in my limbs, the feeling that it's all pretty funny, and dumping ice from the cup on my face I'm not really shure what would happen when I try to walk.

I am so, so a cheep date.
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Sober again.


I have a feeling that I will be very, very amused reading the chat log come morning. There was a conversation about condoms. And about Darkside's movie.

And then I contemplated the BDSM fulltime scene nature of the military while in the shower.
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Tidal wave

*waves at peoples*

I see that there are many people going away from LJ right now, taking personal time, getting away from it all.

I'm not going away from LJ, because LJ is not work for me, it is play. Can understand the feeling; the isolationist/etc. thing, the "why am I doing this if I'm not 100% into it?" thing has been driving some of my recent trimmings. I may lock down a bit, keep some of the more tender bits of me out of the public eye. The random shit, though, that stays.

Looks like a tidal wave of people taking breaks from LJ. Quite all right with me. Entitled to, and all that. Not a bad thing, just a trend. Wave'll probably be peaking just after the holidays, and then the leading edge of the wave should be back by January or February if they're coming back.

Life is interesting. Also, my hair is wet.
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Notes, some from today, some belated.

Do not listen to those who claim that they can outstubborn your beloved, or have special 1337 pursuasive tricks. They're generally less stubborn than you are, and more audacious, and audacious does not win the day with your dear beloved best friend.

So I reach up to turn off the lamp above my computer, and knock a Muse candle in glass holder down onto the keyboard. This sets off a chain reaction involving the monitor, Tarot cards, a binder, and various implements of evil and destruction, including the box that has the "clean" marital aids. (lube, condoms, the 'not going in there' and the 'throw away after each use' items.)

LF asked, voluntarily, if he could please have the almighty privelege of washing dishes. Since I was feeling magnimonious, I granted him it. Thus, I cleaned catboxes as he washed plates.

I got to hang up the first strip of flypaper, too. No matter how good my intentions are, fruit flies, only they aren't after fruit, collect in the catbox.

The plural of 'catbox' is not 'catboxen'.

I'm a really easy drunk. I'm also still embarrassingly stuck on my girlfriend and Darkside when drunk. Some bonds just need time to flower in person.

I can be a well-behaved, refined sweetheart when I choose to be so. I can also be a royal fucking bitch. I do both in special showings for obnoxious relatives.
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