November 21st, 2003

running, bomb tech


I think that the dreams I had this past night were the worst dreams I've had since the one that had me waking up and calling Shawn so he could talk me down just so I could function.

... and that dream ended lucidly, with me forcing myself awake. This one didn't.
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Training kids to say things:

I want to school Little Fayoumis, very carefully, to say, "My youthful palate is too unsophisticated to appreciate your worldly delicacies," as an acceptable phrase to substitute for, "I don't like that."
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I'd really fucking like to put a curse on the shithead who broke my duct tape sword when I was 18.

I was wandering around the dorm late at night, and I was carrying my duct tape sword with me. Some random guy asked if he could see it, and like an idiot, I handed it to him. He cracked it over his knee.

I really would have liked to have given in to my impulse to beat the holy living crap out of him.

Cursing him would be kind of redundant, as I'm sure he's either not that much of an asshole anymore and has learned from his past actions, or he is still that much of an asshole, and he's suffering the low-level kind of misery and stress that comes with being that much of an asshole.

I still wish I could retroactively hit him with the full emotional impact on my side of what he did, though.

Hey, you, shithead. Develop some fucking empathy and look at yourself.
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running, bomb tech


I think I just wrote the context for "Dogfire". And I wasn't even trying.

Only those who knew me way back when will remember "Dogfire". It's a story of college hijinks, and the otherwise-dull evening in which they happen.

But I think Alia, Drew, Randy, and Chuck (new character: Randy's roommate. Reminds me of hardartist's Mike, only better-socialized. Also reminds me of Shermanator.) are ideally suited to the situation. All we need is The Blonde -- ohgods. Meg. The Blonde, who owns Browser, is Meg.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kid/cat interface

I have been hearing the sounds of LF's toy car, the kind that you wind up by pushing backwards, and then let go, and they zoom a ways, all evening.

Just now, shammash said, "Querpquip?" and bounced casually into my bathroom.

I looked up.

"It didn't hurt Shammash," Little Fayoumis explained, without being prompted, "it just lightly rammed him."

That hadn't been a hurt comment from the cat, just a mildly startled one, and in any case, it looked like he was headed to the litterbox. "Ah. In any case, endeavor to avoid that," I advised Little Fayoumis, who may or may not have been listening to me.

..."...lightly rammed..."!!!!

And yes, I managed to keep a straight face until I turned back to the computer. Little Fayoumis is used to me laughing about random things on the computer.
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