November 22nd, 2003

running, bomb tech


Dreams were not half so stressful.

Got to talk to Dawn last night. It's becoming Busy Season for her too. Am wondering why she schedules her weekends up so ferociously when she obviously needs the rest.

Hope she gets that job, though.

Chocolate, while tasty, is a substandard breakfast. Hmm, I wonder if I should duplicate that rice stuff. That was good.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Called Darkside. Was the Queen of Bad Timing again. Asked him to please stay out of my nightmares. Startled him enough that he asked for an explanation. Explained in brief. He said that he had no intention of making said nightmare come true. Yay, us.
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running, bomb tech


I have evidently become someone referenced, at least amongst my friends, for cussing purposes.

To quote eng1ne:
How did azurelunatic put it? "Fuckity-fuck fuck fuck on a fucking fuck-stick."

...actually, thinking about it now, I think it actually goes Fuckity-fucking fuck on a fucking fuck-stick, but either will do. Or both.

My great-uncle John's curse goes like this: "Shit, shit, shit. Shit, crap, and corruption. May prostitution prosper and sonofabitch become a household word." He said that every morning.

Good ol' Fuzzy Modem's borrowed signature curse is: "You bow-legged, bald-headed two-bit son of a sperm bubble out of a whore's yeast-infected pussy on period weekend."

GrandfatherSir's signature curse is, of course, the family curse, passed down to me by my father before me, and I don't use it except for on special occasions.

I'm amused that I am evidently so good at cussing, or seen to be so, because in real life, I'm a modest and demure college student, and one of the primary role models for an outstanding young man. I just cuss from time to time.
running, bomb tech

Renfair plans

easalle: I will be attending the fair solo, probably in civillian guise. votania's working, marxdarx has computer stuff to attend to, and Little Fayoumis is snagging all the time he can with marxdarx, because Marx has been really busy lately.

So it'll just be me, and I shan't be in hoops. However, some of my assorted school friends may be accompanying me in the sense that they'll also be showing up. Mr. President, anyone?