November 23rd, 2003

wild rose

I must be a true g33x0r or something. Or a soft-headed romantic.

Fight the Future is one of the great romantic movies of all time.

I like the way that the movie doesn't really resolve anything, except that our protagonists are in this together, and will go to the ends of the earth (ha!) for each other.

(I still wince at that Antarctica bit -- I've had frostbite before. Ow.)

I do believe that Fight the Future was the first movie I bought myself. I probably need it on DVD at some point, so I don't utterly wear out the one little bit of tape...

I'm up too late iconsmithing. But at least large chunks of heart aren't falling out anymore. Good on that.
pretty, Francine

Heh, heh. Morning.

Slept late. Was very unhappy last night. Woke up in much better mood, due in part to explicit dream. Someone was giving me a backrub, and things progressed from there. (No, it wasn't who you may be thinking it was... it was someone who's given me backrubs before.)

Am dressing up, and will shortly be proceeding to the Faire.

Are you going to Devonshire Faire?
Where did I put that bus pass of mine?
Get the website of one who is there
She once made a good cloak of mine.

Right now, breakfast.

I was working on a gratuitous icon last night. Fandom, romance, song lyrics. What could be better? It's not done yet, of course.
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I have on black skirt, black tank top, dark velvet shirt. My hair is pulled back. Little Fayoumis looks to be in a mood where he may accidentally lightly ram the cats. The necklace amberite gave me/made me is on. I think the circlet of flowers with ribbons and a goddamn veil ought to complete the vaguely-mundane outfit.

Where did I put that bus pass of mine?
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Best Of

What to Do if the Net is Down

Also, someone evil will probably try to link you to the RealSheep parody of RealDoll. Since it's a level of tasteless above and beyond, I'm not going to link to it, at least not while Naomi's still awake. It's not her bedtime yet.
running, bomb tech


I got a new sun hat at the Devonshire Faire. It's heavy black wool felt, and the guy who sized and bent it to my head's specs was soooo fabulous.

easalle, who had left before I'd gotten the hat, demanded a picture.

So, I took a webcam snapshot for her, and then figured, what the hell, and tried on all my hats for the camera. I put them up on Note that the whole album isn't hats, it's the 2003 album, but I didn't want to make a separate album just for hats. The infamous floppy blue hat is there, as is my White Hat and my Azz 1337 hat.