November 24th, 2003

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Faire Weather

So votania drove me to the faire and dropped me off. I got there slightly before noon. I wandered about, looking for a dragon who'd been enchanted into the guise of a mortal maid, with only wings to show her true form.

Instead, I found that there weren't even the wings. So I hung with easalle, her son and husband, drgnmstrslash, and Stephanie and her escort. I kept wandering off, and no one would follow me, because I was evidently 'disappearing', not just wandering off. Evidently I was walking quietly or something.

According to the all-seeing eye of Mommy, the kid was being a brat. I can see that ... he was throwing a few hissyfits. Rather, yellyfits. But he did eventually settle down, and all was good.

Much wandering around commenced. I got myself a walking stick, cane-height, for when my feet get mad at me again. The head-height walking stick is great, but not good for taking places where I won't be standing.

Things happened. I looked at stuff, and it was shiny. I looked very hard at the stamped medallions, but I still am not sure what would go on the other side of it (one side would definitely be Raven; perhaps an Eye of Horus on the other side? But that would also mean that I'd have to study up on Horus, not that I don't anyway, but that would make it more immediate, and anyway, I'm supposed to have a pair of silver eyes.) and by the time I got back there, my funds were prioritized elsewhere.

easalle and family had to depart, slightly after naptime should have started. I wandered, the rest of the party wandered, and I wound up getting that black felt hat, which is evidently supposed to be tough enough to last me a good twenty years, with periodic re-stiffenings and re-shapings. W00t.

I wandered around some more. Somewhere in there, I spent a good long while looking at the birds in the falconer's corner. There was a barn owl, who was hissing like a really peeved teakettle, a nervous and flappy peregrine falcon, a very very large and calm hawk who only spread his/her wings in protest and was balky about being ducked under the metal bar separating the bird area from the rest of the tent, a small light falcon with only one wing, and ... a burrow owl.

I don't think anyone else got the bit where I muttered "Why the hell do you think they call it a burrow owl, anyway?" under my breath. The bird's name was Archimedes, but he looked a lot like I imagine that the Weasleys' Pigwidgeon looks. Cute little fellow.

There was much wandering. There was one stone and silver booth that had a bunch of $0.25 garnets, and a loooovely silver and blue topaz ring for $16. Naomi had been good, so I got her the ring. (I got it for $15, because evidently I was friendly enough to qualify as a repeat customer.)

There was bellydancing, and ... hee.

There was a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplayer.

easalle did get up the nerve to talk to him, and it turned out to be a female cosplayer. She was doing a phenomenal job. Captain Jack was mostly sashaying around being visible and doing that Captain Jack Sparrow attitude thing, though without a lot of the witty banter because the voice sort of broke character. That was excellently cool.

There was wandering, there was fun, there were bellydancers and singers. I didn't get half my fill of Celtic music. I don't think I won the LotR marathon tickets either.

I got dead bunny skins for votania.

I'm wondering what will happen if I take these nice soft long deerskin strands and cut them shorter and bundle them together and then hit things with it. Hmm.

It got a little chilly toward the end, and then I was waiting forever to get on buses.

All in all, it was great fun, my feet are sore, and I can't wait to heckle Einstein-Newton at the big faire by calling him "professor".
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tiel, elynne, I believe congratulations of the happy-birthday kind are in order?

(Semagic tells me this stuff. Semagic rocks 1.75 of 2 possible socks.)
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Last night, went shopping and got a sun tea jug, a four-pound bag of sugar, a bottle of vodka, and some bags of red frozen fruit, among other things. I poured the things inside the tea jug, and am currently brewing up a batch of what Dawn called "blood cordial", for its color. Hee.

Clover stopped by right after I'd gotten the first iteration of dumping done, and stayed and we gossiped. votania came home during that. I have learned that when Clover says she's going to just stay for a few minutes, to find a seat, because we'll go on forever. I'm still enough of a kid to think that. I love talking with her, but I can't stand for it. So my ass got sat down on the empty laundry detergent bucket, and gossip happened. Poured the juice from the apricot cordial that I was brewing last year off into an old glass Snapple Fire bottle. (I hate the new metal ones.)

I dreamed something about uniforms and soldiers and someone trying to die but being tracked through the uniform's transponder.

Got up, went to school. Interesting lecture on what to do with Microsoft's web server if you have it. That's really Zoila's department, but I had fun listening. Evidently I'm becoming the Linux gurette. Fine by me. Bruyn said that he gave up programming long ago when his boss said that if he needed programs, he could have a programmer, but his time was more valuable elsewhere. Good by me. I'm not a fan of programming, mostly because I suck at it, which is mostly because I think that my time is more valuable spent elsewhere.

After that, there was a GSU event meeting -- a whole-school thing, a presentation on how to beat the holiday blues. There was chattering afterwards. I'm going to be going ahead and doing with the Solstice party, I guess, because it's become a tradition.

I guess I'm the cheering section on the "You can tell your family no, and not promise them stuff that will interfere with your life and stress you out" issue. Now, if only we can get across the thing where the one can say, "No," without having other plans for holidays, and just be able to say, "No".

I picked up Little Fayoumis. He works best when he has an understanding of what's coming up for the week; he's a planner just like I am, and doesn't do well with shifts in routine. If we tell him about it ahead of time enough, he's just fine with it, and if we tell him that this is a tentative plan, and that plans change, and keep him informed on the changes, he's very happy. He likes being in the loop.

I introduced the concept that Mommy likes a certain degree of peace and quiet for the holidays, and that holidays at Grandma's are noisy and stressful, and if you're all stressed out, you can't enjoy the holiday, and holidays are for relaxing! Little Fayoumis seemed to dig it. On some of the more abstract things, I'm never sure if he's having it all sink in or not, but all I can really do is try.

He's got a unit on countries of the world starting up in December. Even if I don't have much spare time to come into his classroom to volunteer, at least I can be a good learning-support parent at home, eh?
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Cars in Arizona

Yesterday morning, votania started B, and it was complaining about being started, and very cranky until we got to the first stoplight.

votania was wondering what was wrong.

I told her that it was, of course, the fact that it was cold out. I pointed out the thermometer gauge, which was between the first two tick-marks.

These things that Arizona people don't usually think about, eh?