November 26th, 2003

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Dear rosalynde,

I'm sorry you started out as a Mary Sue. Happily, to both our credits, the reason you were a Sue is because we were borrowing the fandom's universe to hold extended adventures in, and the actual universe's characters really had much less to do with us than the main characters of the Star Wars universe have to do with the Rogue Squadron spinoff. I mean, Wedge was just a really minor character in the movies, and ... yeah.

And when we took you out of the universe, you were still a viable character, because it was really all in your head anyway. Though I still think the tactic is a nice conceit, and I may use it to good effect later. Oh, and I still adore Ensign Paul Rowan and I adore Diane Swiftclaw and that whole thing with the ice-cream getting her girlfriend all drunk and the resulting bout of ... um, yeah.

And also happily, while you still resemble me in many important details, and your universe has things going the way that it would have gone had I been able to get my way at many major junctures, you also have the problems that go with those alternate paths. You aren't such an insufferable knowitall, either, and you are a much less reliable narrator for it. Because you used to be absolutely unbearable. I think I like you better after high school, come to think of it, and I'm contemplating junking some of the bits that I thought were the best at the beginning.

At any rate, I'm glad you've grown up to be an actual decent Original Character.

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Hmm... I think I should.

Contemplating creating yet another community.

note_to_character has too many letters for a legal LJ username. dear_character has not yet been snagged.

I think it would rival note_to_cat in popularity.

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It's the meme of the day, even in schools. Especially in schools. US Thanksgiving. What I Am Thankful For This Year, by azurelunatic, Aged 23.

I'm thankful for my family, of course -- biological and not. I'm thankful for good food, enough money to buy said food, and the ability to cook. I'm thankful for the shelter, clothing, etc. I'm thankful for my best friend, latest in a long line of people keeping me alive. I'm thankful for fuzzy, purry friends like eris_raven and shammash, even though eris_raven discovered the trick where she first puts her paw on the head of her sleeping human, and then when that fails to wake said human up, adds some claws to it. I suppose she was planning to use my hair as a scratching post or something?

I'm thankful for computers, DSL, and Semagic. Oh, and a permanent account. I'm thankful for that too. Soooo thankful. And the astounding community! Dude! Whee!

I'm thankful that I was able to have the patience to grow my hair this long without hacking it off. I'm thankful for warm showers and long, long baths.

I'm thankful for such a lot of stuff.
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Getting tight...

Laundry money has been finagled. Yay for penny jars. I've been rolling the loose change, and today marched down to the bank with $12.50 in pennies in my beltpack, which were swiftly exchanged for quarters.

The mission was interrupted by a guy selling magazines, who engaged me in conversation before trying his sales pitch. When he couldn't find anything on his list of magazines that I was interested in, he suggested, "Do you like porn?" rather desperately. I laughed and left.

Laundry money, yay-and-a-half!
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In honor of the use to which my white fluffy teddy bear with the big red heart in its paw was first put, I store a little tin filled with change inside. That's my chocolate fund, for whenever I'm really in dire need of chocolate and broke.

Mostly, I forget about it.

I have little caches of odd money here and there. There's a five in one of my purses, put there against need. I mostly ignore it; when I clean my purse, I put it back. I might need it someday.

My Aunt-Fayoumis taught me about "mad money". That's for when you're on a date, and you get peeved at your date, and your date was your ride. But in your evening bag, you have a twenty cached, so you can catch a taxi home. Aunt-Fayoumis is wise.

I have a chocolate fund. I have my penny jar, which is filling up again. I have an envelope marked "Group Trip to CA", against the day when we take a happy little vacation out-of-state. There isn't much in that one yet, but I just added a few more dollars, despite being very near-broke. I have the jar in which I put random odds and ends of money, against need. I used to put whatever was left over, at the end of the week, in there, when I was donating plasma regularly.

I keep a drawer that is usually stocked with odds and ends of interesting things: chocolate covered espresso beans, gum, chocolate in many guises. There is soda at the top of my closet, and a few bottles of sparkling cider.

Whenever the mood of the household gets too dire, and someone is heard to grumble that their own personal mood would be much-improved by the addition of a little soda, that's the right time. I pull out soda. Or I pull out something. And everything gets that much better. I let the necessities take care of themselves, and make sure that the luxuries happen.

I'm Alaskan. I cache.