November 28th, 2003

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Feline night

Cat finally elected to come out of hiding under votania's bed or in her closet and scratch by the closed door, hoping someone would let her out. I did, and she finally slunk into my room.

Other cat (shammash, not othercat) is lounging on the back of the couch in his usual favorite spot.

I'll see how long they can behave with each other before I have to toss him out for moshing.

The CD that Dawn gave me with the wedding pics keeps crashing my something. When I'm looking at the contents with Windows Explorer, it locks up for a while, then tells me that I've removed the CD drive without first stopping it, and closes the explorer window. Then, when I try to access the drive again, it's there, of course, because I didn't actually remove it. And then it crashes the thingy in the same way again.

More details will be forthcoming later. Short answer(s), from my vast well of experience: You Shouldn't Do That, Then. Download Yourself A Real OS. Your Install of Windows Is Fucked.
running, bomb tech

Oh, wow. Old projects.

Remind me, sometime, to revive my old project Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor. It's a bunch of stories about the fucked-up things that people do. I may give up on the fictional side of things and just retell the Shawn stories.

I was going through one of my old notebooks, you see, because that notebook's the one I'm using for my scribblings about The Necromancer's Prayer, and I'm going to go give plasma, and I need somewhere to write...
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running, bomb tech


I'm screwed, as far as it goes for NNWM. I'm going to finish the novel, yes, but not before the deadline. I'm at 26,402 words, out of 50,000, and I have less than 48 workable working hours to finish it in.

So I'm not going to stress out. I am going to keep working at it, but I'm not going to really shove myself.

I'll post it here, locked, after it's out of beta. I've been posting it here in my beta filter. Well, not much of it lately, but y'know what I mean.
running, bomb tech


In the recycle area this fine evening, I found myself a genuine Dreadful.

Let me tell you a bit about Dreadfuls. They are generally larger than they ought to be, but needn't be huge in themselves. They are either indespensible, or have no earthly use. But what they always are is UGLY.

This Dreadful is maybe four feet tall, made out of thin bits of wood, and painted a very vivid green. The paint is chipping, in places.

It's just what I need to put stuff in. Maybe later I can get a few dollar store cans of navy blue paint and retouch it to match the decor, because it's very sturdy-feeling; the real problem is the color and the fact that the color's coming off, which oughtn't to be a problem, but is anyway.