November 30th, 2003

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Assorted things, some of which are Very Very Wrong

Goofus/Gallant slash, link courtesy of trickofthedark. Happily, I haven't that many childhood memories to get corrupted by this. I'm sure some of us will have more, to which I say: Ha-ha!

It's been mostly a quiet evening. More on that later.

I went and gave plasma today. The needle was in a bit oddly, or something, because it hurt like the business of the Lone Power. While I was there, everyone else went with Grandma to go get a fake tree for the season. Blasphemy!

Have been reading To Visit the Queen last night and today. I may not have been schedule/energy-wise able to finish NNWM, but I aced the 50bookchallenge with room to spare.

I realize I haven't been quite my usual chatty self lately. This is, in part, due to not much going on, and also due to me being somewhat busy. Those two sort of contradict each other, yes, but that's how it is, really. Plus I have my paper journal to talk to in class, and I've been NNWM-writing. I'll probably get back up on my usual babblebox for December.

I am keeping my nails polished, for a change. The current color is the dark, sparkly blue that was the true, natural color of my hair before the aliens who gave me to my parents swapped it out for a more normal Earth-human color.

My cat still occasionally comes when called. This is amazing.
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Dreams last night

Last night, dreamed that I was trying to kiss Darkside (well, we were trying to kiss each other, because the cards said to) (playing-type, card-RPG type cards, not Tarot really, only with Kabbalistic bits on) and there was this spider (tarantula, large) running around the house, and it was on the bed we were trying to kiss on.

Am not a spider person.
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Hmm. LJ as holiday communication tool.

I have thought of an actual useful application of the "don't e-mail comments" feature. I mean, not that there aren't already, but...

When one posts a wishlist and there is more than one person who is likely to get something from that wishlist for that person, there is always the chance of communication not happening and the people getting the same thing. Sometimes it's something that can stand duplication. Sometimes it's awkward.

...If one made a post about holiday wishlist, with the e-mail comments explicitly turned off, and promised not to peek until after the holiday season, then one's friends could discuss what was being gotten without fear of spoilers for the person targeted by gift. (And if the person peeked -- their own fault for spoiling themselves!)
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Gifts for Little Fayoumis

I got LF a beanbag chair that the cats will not destroy.
Mommy got him a new PS2 game.

We should probably get his sizes and preferences distributed to the family.
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Noticed that my mop was getting a bit apt to tangle, so I trimmed a bit off the ends. It should look much more reputable now.

I've very rarely gotten my hair professionally styled. I tried to go blue the one time, but that was a bust. *sigh* Miscommunication.
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Communication is my elephant.

Of all the things that depress me, I think misunderstandings and miscommunications do so the most.

Never mind what it was about, it's the simple fact that I am good at communicating, and I was unable to. Maybe I thought I'd understood something, and it turned out that I didn't. Maybe I thought I'd gotten something through, and I hadn't. Maybe I'm trying to get something across, and I just keep failing. Maybe someone's trying to tell something to me, and I just can't understand.

Any way it goes, it's the surest way to send me into a mental state where I'm convinced that I'm not fit to associate with any sane human being -- or insane, for that matter.

[Edit: Those able to explain the subject line get geek points.]
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Silly Season

I've been calling it that in my head for a bit, and the other night (last night?) I dreamed that it was Silly Season, and I needed to say so.

So, yes.

The advent of Thanksgiving brings on Silly Season. That's what I'm calling it.
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Food, dizzy.

Um. That was interesting, in the not-fun way.

I wound up not getting breakfast, just random chocolate and strawberry soda. So I had the illusion of food and energy, but actually didn't. So I went gallivanting about over to the dollar store to get lotion and shampoo, thinking I was just fine. And then, of course, about threeish, my body decided it was crashing, and I got woozy, dizzy, and nauseous.

And of course, since my "I'm crashing and need food" favorite food is soup (bean with bacon or vegetable beef, canned both) microwaved in the raven bowl from Mama, I had to do dishes. (It's my favorite because it's nutritious, and very easy to make.) That meant unloading the last load (my least favorite chore aside from mopping the floor) and clearing out the sink so I could wash the bowl so I could prepare the soup, which meant washing dishes.

So I washed dishes, dizzy from lack of food, and started the dishwasher.

I'm finally un-dizzy. Yay, un-dizzy.
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Woah. Talk about past-stuff.

So kellinator gets an odd phone call, and I'm doing a web search to see what the latest news is on someone of the same first name as the alleged name of the nutjob who called her, when someone IMs me.

It's the ex-girlfriend of the nutjob that I'm searching on who's of the same first name as that other, phone-weird nutjob, and she's telling me that she now works with swallowtayle's ex-boyfriend, who, incidentally, is also my ex-boyfriend.

Evidently my bedroom prowess is legendary.

She'll say hi to him, and say that I'm doing OK. Man. Old connections. I haven't seen him since sometime in 2000.
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That Time of Year again... yep, allergies.

It's allergy season for the Lunatic! Or something like that!

You see, when it is summer, the doors and windows are closed, because the air conditioning is on, and the cats aren't free-range cats. So, the allergens stay out of the house for the most part, and are pretty much filtered up anyway.

However, in the winter, I leave my window more or less open all the time. If the outside is too cold for me, I burrow under blankets. I like cool weather, Arizona-style. (Note that in Alaska, it is cold enough already without leaving open a window, unless it's summer, in which case it's about the temperature of an Arizona winter, and the windows are supposed to be open.)

And all the happy little allergens that didn't get me while I was outside sneak in and attack me in my sleep. Yes. In my sleep. They are evil. They must die. Die!!! *plots*

So I'm probably going to be on allergy meds for the duration of ... whatever. Happily, I'm one of those lucky people who can be on decongestants and not get all drowsy/woozy or hyper. I suspect this is in part due to my very ill childhood, which got me used to said meds, before you had to have a legal excuse to buy them in bulk.

I am annoyed at the current thing where they have the painkillers packaged with the decongestants by default, and you have to buy a special kind of non-painkillered decongestants if that's what you don't want. And of course it's more expensive, and not as many in the package, so bah. So even though I don't need the painkillers, I'm getting that kind anyway, because I can't afford the other kind, which has got to be bad for my liver. I blame the meth-heads, and megacorporations.
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Gemini Horoscope for week of November 27, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
As your mating season gets into full swing, I suggest you browse through a book called Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation, by evolutionary biologist Olivia Judson. Your mind may be blown wide open as you learn how experimental some animals are in their approach to sex. You'll read, for example, about dolphins that try to copulate with turtles and seals, orangutans that masturbate with sex toys made of leaves and twigs, female chimpanzees that average ten trysts a day with numerous lovers, homosexual romps among manatees, and female seahorses that impregnate their male partners. I'm hoping that by expanding your definition of what's "natural," you'll lose any shame you might still have about your own harmless though exotic erotic tastes.

So. If Harry were a seahorse animagus, that would be a logical way to get mpreg?

Cancer Horoscope for week of November 27, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
This horoscope has been scientifically formulated to raise your spontaneity levels and condition you to thrive on the unexpected. Do not attempt to use logic to understand it. Like a Zen koan, it is meant to give your non-rational mind a workout, thereby preparing you for what cannot be prepared for. Here goes. Find meaning in runaway shopping carts and flaming marshmallows. Seek silk and cashmere interventions in the midst of a secret test. Drum up feral breakfast conundrums with wicked, lickable angels. Welcome violins and snakes at the heart of the cool mistake. Scribble treasure maps on naked promises. Search for messages from the future in the warm glow of yesterday's shock.
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Critters that I don't like:

I'm unfond of rodents. I used to like squirrels; living in Alaska cured me of that. I used to not mind gerbils; I then lived with them. I don't jump and shriek or anything like that, I just think that a rodent's natural place on the food chain is somewhere below that of anything that should be kept as a pet. Rodents are good for feeding to snakes and birds. (A friend of the family was a raptor rehabilitator.) Squirrels (pine-rats is the literal translation from the Chinese) are nuisance animals, and destructive to property, and also get in the roof and are hyperactive all fucking night.

Spiders. Yes, they eat bugs, but anything larger than the tip of my finger is not something I want very near me. They're perfectly fine out-of-doors. Indoors, no. Tarantulas are too big and hairy, but a nicer size to be caught and dealt with than smaller spiders.

Indoor insects. They belong outdoors.

Cockroaches. They are not good as pets, and are very likely pests. Plus, they're too resourceful for a pest animal. See squirrels.

Small dogs. They're too high-strung, generally, and loud. Exceptions that I like are mellow and not loud.

Creatures with squashed-looking faces. Ugly. Some people think it's "adorable". I suspect that the same people also collect the gawdawful useless ugly "collectibles" too, because they're so precious. My Quaker sensibilities are outraged. (My Quaker sensibilities are also squicked by collecting toys that no one's ever going to play with.)

Immature humans who can't grasp abstract concepts after they are concretely explained. Usually the threshold age for this is six/seven-ish.

Immature humans who don't recognize that "You don't think like me about this!" is not a crime against nature. Sure, it may make the person who thinks otherwise someone that you do not wish to socialize with, but it's not unnatural, generally speaking.

People who are abject slaves to the will of another outside of a safe/sane/consensual BDSM relationship. Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt.

Poisonous/venomous creatures. They and I can stay very far apart. Unless I learn how to handle them safely, I don't want them near me. I have no real wish to handle them in any case.

Ants. Especially the little biting kind. 'Co used to like eating carpenter ants. I used to take her to the anthill, and hold her above the trail, and she would peck up ants as they walked past. It was like an assembly line of snacks. I approve of chickens who like to eat ants. All the other hens thought she was a bit nuts, but there's no accounting for taste. Little biting ants in my kitchen aren't very welcome at all. Little biting ants in my bed are less welcome. I was trying to look up the journal entry about the biting ants in my bed, but Google is being less than helpful.
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*snork* Why yes, yes I am. Raised pretty much that way, too.

Deck the Halls
You are 'Deck the Halls'! Let's be honest, it isnt
Christmas you are celebrating, is it? In fact,
you know full well that there were no shepherds
in the fields in December, and that the date of
Christmas was put at midwinter specifically to
coincide with the older celebrations of Yule
and the birth of Mithras. An unashamed Pagan,
you take great glee in the number of carols
referring to holly, evergreens and winters end,
and will sing them with gusto. You know where
they really came from. And you do enjoy the
seasonal celebrations, regardless of their
name... A merry Yule to you!

What Christmas Carol are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Dreams, movies, books

You know, some of my dreams, if tweaked a little, could certainly make interesting books or movies or something.

I suspect that many people's could, but I have the talent to convert a dream into words, and one can do much with that.

If I just edited it for continuity, or better lack thereof, and made original characters of the real and fictional people inhabiting the dream world... really. Most of the fictional and real people who appear in my dream do so not because they're the person from the book or movie or show or they are who they really are, but because they fit an archetype. Scully is the stubborn female lead who's a strong woman in her own right, plus she isn't a woman who is strong because she is or has emulated the masculine ideal, she's strong because she's who she is, and that includes some "chick stuff". My mental images of people I dream about has become contaminated by fanon as well as canon.