December 1st, 2003

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Awww. Cats are cute.

There was just something round and purry on my bed just now. Pretty-cat, purry-cat.

However, when I try to pick it up, it vanishes, or it spikes me.
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Heh, heh.

I don't suppose anybody wants to give us $500 or so?

Car, etc.

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Grumblingly reset the alarm several times. Went to school. Bruyn was lecturing on the upcoming test. We're to submit questions. If he makes them up, he'll probably be sadistic.

Next he talked about what we're going to be doing next. ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI, all that fun stuff. JSP. I can hardly wait!

One of our group members had a birthday over the weekend or something. Irving brought in a cake. Candles. Singing. Card. The whole class hung out for a bit.

Then there was the GSU meeting. I am the webmistress, but I as yet have no web and no content. We're doing a calendar, with sexy photos of DeVry. Mr. President wanted to have overtly sexy photos of attractive members of both sexes in tight and/or skimpy outfits, but the Student Services censor said not with the DeVry logo attached. However, photos of attractive DeVry students in educational context, that's excellent. And, if we do a DeVry-focused calendar, the DeVry reps will buy 300 of them.

We're also doing flyers against hate crimes. Current ideas include M&Ms, hands clasped, rainbows, gingerbread people, and probably assorted others. I want to do one with a resistor.

Went to the lab with Mr. Pres afterwards and plotted stuff. Mr. Pres was working on the hate crimes flyers and wound up using cjdoyle's lego tool/toy. I showed Mr. Help Desk how to do a screen capture.

I then picked up Mr. Ooops "But Mrs. H Said All Club People Go To The Playground" from school, and we went home. We discussed the fact that Thanksgiving is the name of the whole day, not just the meal, so when he saw that ad for the Burger King Cat-in-the-Hat toys, it was on Thanksgiving as well as being Aunt P.'s birthday celebration. Talked about deciduous[sp?] trees, and about how trees get their food. We bogged down on carbon dioxide. Little Fayoumis is used to his solar system learning toy telling him about it being a greenhouse gas on Venus, not about trees using it to make food, so we had to explore the different possibilities there. We never did get much of anywhere on that. I left it at "When there's a lot of carbon dioxide in the air, it holds the heat on the planet, just like your jacket holds heat next to you and keeps you warm." Then he asked me, "Where does air come from?" That was a bit of a stumper. We got a bit into how Earth's air is recycled, and then we moved on to air pressure. A good definition for that, on his level, was "How much the air is squeezed by gravity and other air on top of it. Like, if there's a lot of air on top of the air we're in, there's a lot of air pressure, but if there's only a little air on top of the air we're in, there isn't much air pressure."

Got the message on the machine saying that if we can come up with $500, we can get a car that isn't liable to break if you breathe on the transmission wrong. *wince* *checks wallet* *wince*

Today's going to be a cleaning day for me. I'm finally feeling up to it. I changed out of my school blacks into grey shorts (only worn under skirts, generally) and yellow shirt (expendable).

A cat dropped by, a cat that looks cross between a long-haired tabby and a Siamese. It has blue eyes, tabby face markings, a cream body and cream paws, and a dark striped tail. It's been hanging out by the patio door, and started hooking claws into the screen door. This earned it hisses from me, and so Little Fayoumis got the beginnings of a lecture on conditioning. (He asked if I could tell him something about cats.) I was trying to condition this cat to not scratch the screen by hissing at it; I had conditioned Shammash to not step on keyboards by yelling at him. Furthermore, most cats don't entirely understand English, they just go by the tone of the voice. When marxdarx yells "I LOVE YOU" at Little Fayoumis in a scary tone of voice, LF knows what it means and it's funny. If you said that to a cat, all they would hear would be the scary voice, and they would think it was bad. If you said "Bad cat, oh, you're such a baaaad cat," to Shammash in a nice voice like that, he would think it was good!

Then Little Fayoumis did his homework.
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Just for pyrogenic:

Herr aces grail sect should ideally go with a garland jubilee lord.

(Jubilee lords are better than banjo legs, don't you think?)
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Color quiz

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Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.

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the html color quiz

This one actually is nifty in how it's calculated.
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Decided that I was going to do some cleaning. Did dishes, tidied living room, got the avalanche of papers off the coffee table into their proper places. Put car stuff in properly-labeled kitty litter buckets. Put the wrapping paper in an old laundry detergent bucket.

Little Fayoumis loves it when I vacuum. I think it's the bonding-time thing, plus an exuse to run around and be noisy. If I ever need to punish him, I can restrict him from running around like a maniac while I vacuum.

When I had to go to the bathroom while I was expecting a call back from votania, I told Little Fayoumis that if the phone rang, he could probably answer it. It didn't happen, but he's getting old enough. So I made a beginning phone sheet with letters big enough for him to read easily, and taped it over the phone. It's got Mommy's cellphone number on it, Grandma's number, and Darkside's. I need to add 911 to the list, just 'cause.

marxdarx's mother called back, because he'd called her, and I told her that it (the car situation) was under control, and she could stop worrying. She was a bit surprised that I'd picked up that she was worried. I know my own mother, and she'd have been cooving too.

I kinda swiped at the glass doors, swept the kitchen, scrubbed at the floor a little with a scrubby-cloth, and finally cleaned off the glass coffee table with glass cleaner. This interrupted the games of tic-tac-toe that Little Fayoumis and I were playing slightly. He determined that I should be Fire and he should be Water, because, and I quote, "Water beats Fire." After Water turned out to not beat Fire (I had strategy on my side, more than overbalancing his elemental advantage) he switched to green marker, Earth. We got so very wound up about that. Since we were using different colored markers, we switched to dots instead of Xs and circles, and then we began switching out the symbols we used completely and randomly, leaving only the color as the clue as to who had written what where. You had to be there, I guess.

At one point, he said something bad-but-vaguely-true about himself, and I explained how even if he had lied to himself about that, that it still wasn't nice to call himself a liar, and he would have to say ten nice things about himself. That made him feel way better, even though he was struggling to come up with some of them.

After that, we talked about helicopters versus airplanes, and how helicopters could land straight up and down and airplanes had to have a runway; if an airplane went straight down, it would CRASH!

We worked a little more on practical timekeeping, and he almost put himself to bed ten minutes early before he cross-checked himself with the digital clock.

I did a little bit of swiping around the west bathroom. Little Fayoumis read his reading book to me, and I signed off on it, and colored in the nickel on the reading sheet.


He and I really are doing a lot better now that he's getting more abstract concepts. I really do have to get a periodic table of the elements poster now; he's getting to the point where beginning chemistry, and having him absorb the information by it just being around, is a good plan.