December 2nd, 2003

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Foreplay. Inna implant!

That boggles my mind.

I guess my main squick from that is the invasion of the spinal column. That's one of the few 'my body is off-limits for that' boundaries. Eeee.

But, still very interesting idea.
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Logged: drunk

1 zima, blue.

Drunk, crashing.

Am trying to build up my alcohol tolerance to something approaching human, in that I ought to be able to have one beer and still not make with the typographical errors. This is currently not the case, as witness comments to recent entry.
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Woke up. Snuggled cat. Checked mail. Caught a snooze for another ten/fifteen minutes. Snuggled cat. Got dressed. Grabbed a can of breakfast. Headed for school. Stopped in office to let them know about the car change, unofficially. (votania will have to do that officially later; just wanted them to know because they sometimes are a little tow-happy. In an apartment complex, what you do is everyone else's business, even if you are relatively private people.)

Went to school. There was silliness with IMs, and Irving had royally fux0red some of the stuff that he was supposed to be doing on the website. Silly the-Irving. Discussion of LDS vs. Christmas.

Got software bundle. Tried to get it yesterday, but the bookstore peon wasn't authorized to log in to the computer that would be able to verify that I could get it. Did get bus pass yesterday, though. Yay, bus pass.

Saw notice in the window of Domino's that they were hiring drivers and CSRs. Poked nose in, got application. Evidently the duties of a customer service representative there includes answering phones, making pizzas, and just about everything but driving. Also, the person who looks to be the manager there is familiar with me already, as I walk by just about every day. This could be a plus.

Went to store. Saw digitalambience. He found the computer he put together for us under a bunch of stuff, and will probably be bringing it over sometime this week. Let him know that we got a box of random computer bits, and we might want to sell some of them to him as it'll be likely less of a hassle than putting them on ebay. We realistically won't use all of them ourselves...

Got bread, milk, lettuce. Came home.

Will pick up LF when his club gets out later. *sigh* Then, the cookie-decorating activity tonight. At least it'll be cooler and darker then.
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Hee, cool. Wishes! Meme!

Meme you, meme you very much.

A web-based version of that one wish e-mail that was going around.

I got in trouble with that wish e-mail, by the way -- I got what I wished for. It was to get it on with Shawn. I got my wish. It was not good. So be very, very careful what you wish for.
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Cookies, kids, and food groups

Little Fayoumis's school had a cookie decorating night as well as a PTO meeting. Little Fayoumis wanted to do the cookie decorating, so we went and did that. I gave the meeting a miss. I'm not quite a grown-up yet.

Little Fayoumis is evidently friends with one of the popular girls in his class. I know she's popular, because she has the perfect hair and the cool clothes and earrings and that "Look at me, I am a cute and sweet and charming star" air about her. They sat together and there was much frostingy, gooey, sugary mess.

One young charmer (10 or so) was wandering around telling everyone how very unhealthy their cookies were, and offering to help out in eating them. This evolved into figuring out what food group the cookies belonged to, based on the frosting color. One other young charmer mixed green, white, and black frosting together, to disgusting effect. Young charmer #1 pretended to vomit on the cookie.

Little Fayoumis decorated and ate two cookies, then wanted to know if he could join Young Charmer #1 and the girl he was bothering the most (presumably his sister) outside for a game of tag. That sounded like a good plan to me. Meanwhile, Little Fayoumis's little friend had decorated her cookie lavishly, with about 1.5 to 2 times the volume of frosting and decorations to the actual amount of cookie there.

There was running and screeching outside. LF's friend came out after a bit, and there was incredible amounts of running and screeching. Every so often, she would dramatically collapse on the grass and declare that she was unable to continue living, and that sheer exhaustion must surely make an end of her.

Then she would bounce back up and chase/be chased by Little Fayoumis. They played with her toddler sister, too.

I gave our phone number to the parents, in the case that the kids will want to play together sometime.

Wow. I'm a grown-up.
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