December 3rd, 2003

running, bomb tech

Feedback. Saved for when it's motherfucking working.

I notice that links that come in my e-mail are mangled.

Specifically, when I get an e-mail from, say, ParentCenter, and they have a link that I should be able to click on and get their page, when I click on it, it opens in a new window, and it has a "helpful" Microsoft advisory that I am visiting a page outside of Hotmail, and I should close this window to return. The URL of the link looks nastily mangled, and if I wanted to save that URL for later, without saving the message, I had better hope that the sender had put the link plain-text ( versus like this: (Link).

The links also expire when they're helpfully mangled by your service. I understand that this is for security. I don't need or want this.

I would like an option to turn Hotmail's mangling of my links OFF. Open in new window, fine. Have a "helpful" message at the top that I can't get rid of, not fine. Make it so I can't save the *#@*$&% links coming to me in my own e-mail in an unmangled form by right-clicking and selecting "copy shortcut", not fine.
running, bomb tech

Temperature, dehydration, congestion

This morning, early, I woke up with a stuffy nose, very thirsty, and sweating. I drank half of a huge takeout soda cup of water, blew my nose, rearranged my sheets, and was unable to get comfortable. I was both too hot and too cold all over.

Then I realized that the window was shut.

I opened the window, pulled the blanket over me, and was out like a light. It was 49°F last night, and I was perfectly happy. I don't know how warm it was inside, but it was obviously too warm. I can't believe that these crazy Arizona people turn on the heat in this weather. Being inside with the lights on and the windows and doors shut is heat enough.
running, bomb tech


marxdarx is home ill today. I haven't been feeling so hot myself, mostly in the needs-fresh-air-and-real-food sense, and also in that anything blowing in the breeze is likely to offend my nose, which is due to the lack of humidity.