December 4th, 2003

bleeding, Ryoko


Am grouchy this morning.

Woke up at sixish; couldn't sleep because of the things inside my head. Tried to go back to sleep by turning on noise generator. Couldn't. Went to computer. Vented. Chatted. Learned that I was the only person vertical/well enough to take Little Fayoumis to school. Got dressed, did so. Am now hanging in the Wired.

*sigh* I'm cold this morning.
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bleeding, Ryoko


When I frostbit my feet, eventually I had to stop using my crutches, even though walking on my feet hurt like motherfucking hell.

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running, bomb tech

Phone Post: Mildly lost, somewhere in Mesa

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“Hey, everybody. This is the Lunatic, calling from somewhere in Mesa, inside the new car. We are only [grinning]mildly lost, and this is rush hour. It's a lot of fun. .[/grinning]

It is so cool to be able to actually post while on the move, doing stuff. We are headed out for a night of -- interesting -- entertainment and dinner with -- The Family. It should actually be fun: Chinese buffet.

Talk to y'all later.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic
running, bomb tech

Grraaah. No time. Too much.

Am no longer able to read entire friends page in day. Therefore, the trimmy. Gha.

People I actively interact with are generally not subject to the trimmy. People I absolutely must read are not generally subject to the trimmy.

Still hates the trimmy.
running, bomb tech


I told you Dawn's to be working for Disney now, right?

We're going to be eating this month thanks to my parents. Yay, parents. And then some.

Night out with votania's mom went well, despite the unhappy stomach of Marx.

Little Fayoumis may well be interested in doing spelling bees later on. He wanted me to ask him to spell things for fun.

We're cleaning house, somewhat.

My wrist is now in a brace again thanks to fun things flaring up. Need to take brace with to school for typing.

If anyone has any surreal holiday songs to donate, please go leave them with phoenixglambomb. There are some fun ones there already.

I have no Santa hat. Yet.

Good ol' Fuzzy Modem once wore only a Santa hat and silver thong underwear. I once shared that mental picture with Darkside, who countered with something worse.

If anyone knows the song "You would fit into the microwave", please tell me where I may find it. It is a lullabye, and I seem to remember it being associated with my friends list. onyxrising also mentioned it.

I randomly sing "Rain on a rainy day" when I have moments. Perhaps at some point I should sing for the phone post. Hmm.

When in doubt, go grocery shopping. Or grocery 'shipping. Cherry/blackberry?

They are painting the apartment complex. We must not have our windows open (presumably during painting hours, or else I will, like, die at night and stuff).

I am able to use other people's cooking disasters for fun, but not profit. cadhla is an inspiration to us all.

My neighbors are speaking loudly, with assorted cussing. This is in part because the social skills are not in the 99th percentile. Again, I live in an apartment complex populated with no few college students, and also the aged-and/or-not-all-there and the people keeping an eye on them. Interesting people, definitely, but it does make for the loud in some cases, and occasionally the spooky. Not that we aren't loud and/or spooky too.

My cat is cute. I really need to make an icon.

Little Fayoumis is too cute. Again, more iconage should probably wind up happening.

Today I was all pale, and my kind of pale winds up with green shadows in the bathroom mirror.

I love the car. And I love votania's reflexes with the whole 'not crashing' thing.