December 5th, 2003

Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Gifts (or, what you get for the guy who already has everything)

My father has two great enthusiasms: technology, and creative things. He is a great believer in technological solutions to problems. Collapse )

So how does a broke college student who isn't living with her father find a need of his that can be technologically addressed, and address it? She really can't.

But she can get creative.

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From all reports, it worked decently well. That's the kind of low-tech innovation my father approves of -- fitting a need, personalized, and interesting.

I was walking home and pondering what it is that my father does and needs, and then it hit me.

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Also, FatherSir cooks. It's one of his hobbies. He's taken over quite a bit of the kitchen, and I really want his recipes. I was thinking about that on the way home, how I would really like a bread machine, so I could borrow his recipes and use them often. Then it hit me.


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We were driving around Mesa, quite lost, exactly according to votania's mother's directions. There was stress, tension, and all the other sorts of things that happen when one is lost and driving around an unfamiliar city, looking for someone.

votania's language wasn't getting any cleaner, and Little Fayoumis was starting to look scandalized, so I diverted him by asking how to spell a simple word. He answered it, and I quizzed him on a few more. After the distraction was over, I was going to stop, but he wanted me to keep going, so I kept asking him more and more simple words.

He was delighted. He was doing it pretty well, and only had to be corrected on a few words. He spelled them right afterwards. He was delighted that he only had to look inside his mind to find the right answer.

Now, I must convince him that he needs to start keeping the answers to math problems inside his head, as well as spelling words.
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damn it

i can't fucking sleep.

exahusted. No sleep. damn.
an hour tried.

not comfortable. can't sleep.
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Whee! Movieishness!

votania amazingly got the 17th off. Wheee!

This means, she'll be able to spend time with Little Fayoumis, and I'll be able to go see Return of the King with Darkside, assuming he's available to.
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Clam, Crab: hazards of eating other no-longer-living beings

Last night while eating at the China Star in, um, *looks at map* Chandler, votania had some of the clams. She likes seafood more than I do.

She discovered that one of her dinner clams had, shortly before being harvested, eaten a very small baby crab. It was very small, very cute, and (of course) very dead.

It was sufficiently cool that we wrapped it in a napkin (and later put it in an empty fortune cookie bag and tied it in my handkerchief) and brought it home. We'll put it in a little jar with some kind of preservative or other, and let Little Fayoumis take it to school for show-and-tell. Someone always brings in something delightfully gross like that.
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Dark Jedi, just like Darkside.

Little Fayoumis wants a double-bladed red lightsaber, and a Dark Jedi costume, just like Darkside. He says that he and Darkside are twins.

He asked permission to call Darkside, and did so. He got to talk to Darkside's mom, and left a message saying that he wanted to be on Darkside's team.

I called back a bit later and let Darkside's mom know that yeah, that was the Little Fayoumis who called, and by the way, my holiday schedule is doing interesting things, as votania's work schedule has been taken and shaken and turned upside-down because of personnel shufflings. And then she and I got off into the issue of Darkside's costume, and who, exactly, had done the work on that. (Mom had done a great deal of helping.) She and I laughed The Mother Laugh.

Little Fayoumis is being very cute. He is insisting that he and Darkside are twins.
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Whee! Writing, fanfic, slash, motherhood

Went to the NNWM meetup at the B&N with easalle. Met two other people there. One of them is another pagan mom. Whee, pagan writer moms.

Had a good old gossip about gaming, writing, fanfic, slash, motherhood, smut, et cetera. I'll be recruiting a new one to the LJ fold, yes I will... *plots evilly*

Had caffiene. Will be hyper.

Darkside may or may not call in the morning. I am out of carrots. Carrots are not quite an antagonist to caffiene, but they do something.
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Straighten, clean, polish...

Cleaned both cat boxes. We're now out of kitty litter, and need more.

Next, will do things. Already have refilled the liquid soap squirter from my bathroom.