December 10th, 2003

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Life, and things therein

Came to a startling, yet entirely obvious conclusion about the thread of my life and career while in the shower. Going to hold off on yodeling it from the rooftops just yet, though I have been doing so to a select group of people, all very close.

This is, basically, taking up threads from my life that I've been working on since ... oh ... 1992 or thereabouts, and weaving them into my career-path. Very nice, and something I can really dig my teeth into, research-wise.

I haven't consulted with the Important People yet on this, so don't expect to be getting much detail until they're all contacted.

It sounds a lot sillier on paper than it does in my head.

A side effect will be that I'll likely be a lot more blunt, even if that does mean I'll be stepping on some toes here and there. Part of it's going to be less internal censorship, less searching for the perfect word. Part of it's going to be less bowing to the opinions of those around me.

I've been contemplating making a secondary journal, one just for the polished writings, and shoving those up there from time to time, every time I felt the need to put out a polished, edited rant. However, I wouldn't be able to say how frequently that would happen -- just when they happened, I suppose. This journal's staying in place, and getting the random babblings still.

"I'll be here when it all gets weird" -- there have been songs from shadesong's ultimate mix CD in my head, because those are the kinds of things that stick in my head. Roots. I'm one of those people whose cultural identity isn't synonymous with the families I came from, necessarily, just what I was exposed to as a child. Celtic music is up there, though, and folk music, and all sorts of interesting and random things. So songs like that stick in the head hard, because I should have grown up hearing them, and they fit the patterns in my head.

Patterns in my head is going to be a preoccupation. Think of it as me cleaning out the closets and getting everything in order. Cleaning out the catbox. I still need to write that parody.

Speaking of which, I did have a butterbeer, so this is both more fluid and more disorganized than it could have been.

Typing speed had been way suffering. It's back up where it used to be, now, and I'm happy with that. My father taught me to never go back immediately to fix mistakes, go back when done with typing that bit, get it all down first. I sometimes listen to him.
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Badger badger badger

So, what do you call the large number of people who hold it as an article of faith that mushrooms taste good when they're inflicting their culinary practices on those few who don't care for mushrooms?

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Despite the recent turn of events in the head, I'm dreadfully unmotivated to drag my ass there.

I will make at least one class today, though.
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Gemini Horoscope for week of December 11, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Vanessa Lucero, a 14-year-old New Mexico girl, is your role model this week. In October, she was named homecoming princess at her high School. On the weekend of her reign, she also played in a game for the football team, becoming the first female in school history to score a touchdown. During the span of a few glorious hours, she wore both a helmet and a tiara. Like Vanessa, you Geminis now have the potential to notch triumphs in two separate spheres using different sets of skills.
Heh, heh, do I ever.

Cancer Horoscope for week of December 11, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
The world's most famous Cancer, U.S. President George W. Bush, has described his relationship with newspapers this way: "I glance at the headlines just to kind of get a flavor for what's moving. I rarely read the stories, and get briefed by people who read the news themselves." Please don't imitate Bush's approach as you gather information in the coming days, my fellow Crabs. It's crucial that you never rely on third-hand reports as you penetrate to the root of every unfolding plot. You know how journalists sometimes bury really interesting and mysterious details at the end of their stories? That's what life will do.
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Potential appointment

Darkside's considering making an appointment to see Return of the King with me. I'm to research times and locations and get back to him on the weekend.
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