December 11th, 2003

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Plasma place new schedule

Dec 24: 8-12
Dec 25: closed
Dec 31: 8-3
Jan 01: closed

New schedule as of the 29th:
Monday: 10-6
Tuesday: 8-4
Wednesday: 10-6
Thursday: 8-4
Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 8-4
running, bomb tech

Day, in brief

Managed to drag my swollen feet to school for History. Returned home, participated in whirlwind cleanup. Shiru did most, I think.

Talked about my ambitions. Just call me Sirius. Heh, heh. Erm, I think most of you just guessed the wrong fandom. No dead dogs here!!

Went and picked up Little Fayoumis from school, then immediately went shopping at Sam's. We stocked up for the next three months or so on several needed things. Sugar, kitty litter, toilet paper, paper towels, mushrooms, shampoo, and so forth. Came home, put stuff away, went back out.

I got dropped off at the plasma place with Foreigner. They were showing first Terminator, and then Insomnia. Came to the conclusion that Stephen King writes tragedies, really. I think I have a fondness for tragedies in media. I really would like to see what Bujold would do if she did remixes, with the tragedy of Bothari.

Came home sometime after seven. Called Darkside. Forgot to notice how long we were talking. We did talk until almost nine. I am to not jump out of my seat during the movie. I had to promise to do my best not to. We'll see about scheduling over the weekend.

There was some wailing, but it was dealt with without needing me.

Today was the day for putting up the tree. I missed the nitty-gritty of putting it together. We must only use small bulbs, lest it melt and/or catch on fire. votania has a really good story about that, involving an ex. I proposed that her ex and That Idiot Shawn should get together, or be captured from the wild and put together in some sort of idiot zoo to be studied.

votania and marxdarx went out to get stuff, most of which got wrapped, and some of which I'm not allowed to see yet. Right now, votania and I are the only two humans who should be inside my room, as there are unwrapped surprises for everyone else inside.

In parting: remember that the only reason you can hurt the ones you love so badly is because they love you that much too. Well, usually.
running, bomb tech


Dreamed. The part that I can remember, just before waking up, involved Little Fayoumis and Tommy playing with toys, some of them pretty weird-looking. Someone was riding on a turtle, much to the turtle's dismay.
running, bomb tech


Ran my first perl script. Now, for the CGI.
running, bomb tech


Arose from groggy dreams. Dressed, breakfasted, all that. Fled, and in doing so, took down the wreath, as there was much too much painting going on for having that out to be a good plan.

Hit History. There was lecture, then a card quiz. I was complimented on my pretty ink color.

Minor bake sale in the courtyard. There was some of that finely-layered pastry, and I got some. This version of it had no walnuts, which made me happy. The last time I had it, it would have been great, but I didn't like it because of the walnuts, which do really bad things to my mouth. This time, yum.

Server Admin. I worked on my CGI. I eventually went back to my notes from Tuesday and went through the "My First Perl" tutorial. We concentrated on getting that to work, and then eventually, we discovered that things were in the wrong directory. After things got moved to the right directory, and worked with the right syntax, they worked.

Those little things, you know?

Never, ever, ever assume that the computer knows where to go. Even if you set it up.

Walked home, via the help desk, where I said hi to Mr. Prez, and squeeeeed to various people between him and home about my perl prowess (not much yet, but more than most computer users). That included Mr. Vice President of the GSU, the long-haired hacker guy in blue denim, and Mr. President's roommate (the other guy who was with Mr. Pres the other Friday at the NNWM afterparty at Barnes & Noble).

Heard the AIM message-sound on my way home. Universe does that to me at weird moments.

Today's projects will involve beef jerky.
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Welcome to the new Livejournal. No more codes! Lots more free users!

Invite codes will be going away, shortly, as LJ staff feel that the system is stable enough to handle the crunch.

New users will be able to sign up without invite code for free account, or buy a paid account.

Existing free users will remain free. Existing paid users will remain paid. Existing permanent users will remain permanent. Existing early adopters ... you get the drift.

Since some people are really attached to their invitation codes, they've decided to allow people to exchange invite codes for paid time, for themselves or others. They have not decided on codes per time yet, but they will "try to be generous".

They will try to roll this out tomorrow (Friday, 12/12/03).
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Writing Group and afternoon

Little Fayoumis almost wound up having a hissy-fit this afternoon, because the tree is in front of the door to his video cupboard. I told him it was the one Pokemon video that was out, or nothing. He elected to have the video.

LF was very excited when easalle showed up, though I was a little scattered. easalle had one of the other moms from her kid's play group along with her, and this was someone new.

Writing group started off slow. There was a craft project thing supposedly happening, but we wound up getting happily sidetracked into reading and swapping stories.

Stayed a bit late, and got home later than I'd hoped for. *sigh* Next time, I'll keep a better eye on the clock.
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It started raining while we were at the writing group. Little Fayoumis was overjoyed.
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Parody poetry

When someone writes an alternate version of a well-known poem, I expect to see some adherence to the original form.

I expect to see the same or similar rhyme scheme.
I expect to have it scan to the original, or very close.
I expect it to have something to say about the original.
If I don't like the contents, I'll come down extra-hard on nitpicking any of the above.

I mean.
'Twas the night before Solstice, and all through the mansion
The filkers were searching for rhyme and for scansion
The 'Working' signs blinked on the fic page so bare
But they hoped that their Muses soon would be there.

The writers were tapping, eyes fixed on their screens
Or visions of characters danced in their dreams;
As the good mods and I, with our user clue bats
Had just compared this to the herding of cats

Now, who noticed that the first and second lines have one more syllable each than the original? I doubt that very many of you would catch that on the first time through. That's because it's an extra syllable at the end, and effectively two eighth notes instead of one quarter note, and it's the same number of beats in the couplet.

Little things like that work.

But I ran into an internet-passed-around poem in a community that had lines in couplets that didn't scan against each other, let alone the original. It was also a heartwarming ball of mushy ook that would piss off the childfree groups and poly families alike.

Be proud of me in that I only commented that it didn't scan. What cheesed my weasel was when the dear sweet person who posted it told me that if I selected it, then pushed control + c, clicked my mouse where I wanted to put it, and then pushed control + v, that should work. I nobly refrained from flaming her saying that she was an idiot and the stupid shit poetry should go behind a cut tag, and instead explained that she'd mistaken my meaning, and a vague idea of what I'd meant. She had thought the poem cute, it developed. I nobly left it at that I rarely took well to anyone else's notion of 'cute'.