December 13th, 2003

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A 'whazzup' from the past

The senior bachelor from the Bachelor Apartment from Hell sent me an instant message today.

I haven't heard from him since 2001, or thereabouts.


I didn't get the message until some hours later, of course, as I was out attempting to find red velvet pants.
running, bomb tech

Phone, laundry, schedule, and other sleep-depriving goodies

First, votania's off on the 17th, so she can see her own kid, and I get to spend individual time with my own best friend.

Then, I called sionainn and we did that thing that is the female equivalent of BSing. Well, maybe it is BSing. And it was fun. Highlights included discussion of bonky flashlights, pitchers of water and instability, "Cat! Drop the jugular!", a short rendition of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" (with me doing the whistling at the right moment), which of course led into me discussion Shawn and his little tape recorder and what he did to "Mary Jane's Last Dance". Much punchy giggling ensued.

Midway through the conversation, I started up the laundry, so I was loading black clothes into the washer for "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". I had to stay up to finish that even after we got off the phone.

Oh, and LJ phone post conference call plans. Always a fun topic.

I'm to call Darkside later this morning and plot movie times. Mmmm, movie.

Now, I brush teeth and sleep.
running, bomb tech

Want, need, stuff.

I'm running out of hair scrunchies. I use hair scrunchies at night to keep my feral hair from overrunning my sleeping self and possibly strangling me.

I have no slippers! This makes my feet cold when I haven't any socks on, and it is chilly and I am sitting still.

Those are things that I want that I arguably need.

I am also t3h tired. I need t3h slpee.
loud fayoumis


Will be seeing Return of the King at Metrocenter with Darkside at 1:50 on Wednesday the 17th.

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Poll #219839 If it quacks like a duck...

I am going to go see Return of the King with Darkside on opening day, with no one else along. We are not romantically entangled. Is this a date?

Yes. That is so a date.
No. That's not a date.
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Call off the hounds

The person who invaded my privacy apologized to me. The apology was accepted. I still reserve the right to be miffed, though.
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Changes of plans

No carolling today -- easalle had first car problems, and then a tired kid.

Not particularly upsetting -- stuff happens, especially with four-year-olds and cars. It's not particularly time-sensitive, either, as we can carol up to Christmas, or we could be anachronisms and carol in June or July.
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Mail Call

Sekrit Message to rainstorm13: Is it going to explode or mold if I leave it unopened? And I hope it's supposed to sound like it has loose parts.
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It's a day for these.

Sekrit Message to norabombay: Catching up on my lag, I'm beginning to see what you mean. I'm on a good four-day lag here even so. I'm about to order out for pizza if it doesn't chill by the time I'm in the present.
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Flu update

I seem to either have not been exposed to the current bug going around, or am too tough for it.

Since the other adult halves of the household had something pretty nasty just a bit ago, I'm wondering if I'm not just tough.

Then, I have my fair share (or more than) of allergies...

"Look, kiddies..."