December 14th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Woke up with alarm clock. Fussed at alarm clock.

Called Darkside.

Chatted with the phoenixglambomb people on AIM, while on the phone with Darkside. There was some minimal interaction between them, with me as the interface.

Darkside was invited to the anime and gaming event over at easalle's. He had to decline because he was working. Silly Darkside's work.

43 happy minutes. Yay. I did not get grouched at, snarked at, sniped at, grumped at, growled at, groused at, snarled at, hissed at, or anything like that about the movie. We are agreed on time and place! I shall have to call him tomorrow morning for further plans (get the tickets now or wait until then), though.


Learned that the caroling was called off. Got apologized to.

Went and gave plasma.

Finished Wizard's Holiday.

Met up with marxdarx and Little Fayoumis on the bus home. Got takeout burgers. LF got the rare treat of the kids' meal with the toy. It turned out to be Rogue, to his initial disappointment; he got over that after a bit and proclaimed, "She could steal anyone's heart!"

Caught up on the backlog of lmbujold digests. The recent pizza-ed topics have kicked the list traffic up to, what is it now, 5-7 digests per day? Lots, at any rate. Digests are typically from 25-45k, plaintext.

Did some minor cleaning in kitchen, did dishes, and got the rest of the jerky started. I really do need to make jerky more often. I think that marinating first, slicing later is a good plan. Sadly, I dumped the marinade without making gravy. Bad me.

Wrapped a few things.
running, bomb tech

Saddam Hussein captured.

Pacifist-self says, "Killing him will make the world all that much worse."

garnetdagger says, "About fucking time that bastard was caught. I hear that the reason he had control of the country in the first place was because the US had their fingers in the pie. Give the fuck up, people. At least they finally undid the mistake. Woo fucking hoo. Now, let's work on the rest of our human rights record?"
running, bomb tech

Fucking tree.

"You could decorate the tree tomorrow!" said votania.

"Sure!" I said delightedly.

We are now beginning the slow and painful process of disenchantment. I have since told the tree that its father was an ugly dinosaur and its mother was a whisk broom.

Testing the lights was actively fun, though. I disagree with Marx's position on tools vs. toys. You'll never learn to love tools if you mayn't play with them.
running, bomb tech


After some wrestling, the tree is up.

Am suspecting that my rope is cursed. Bought it. Promptly had it borrowed to bind a particular bit of cursed something inside a box. Cleansed it, and left it around. Now I get it out to tie up not someone special, but ... the tree.

Tree has been subdued, and lights and garlands and ornaments are on. Looks lovely. The ornament hanger wires went missing, so I substituted twist ties. Little Fayoumis did most of the ornament-hanging, and it all looks pretty.

I'm also allergic to the tree.
running, bomb tech

Food, unconventional

Little Fayoumis is insisting on having his turkey lunch meat together with applesauce.

I told him, and he agreed, that he would have to eat all of it, even if he didn't like the way it tasted together.
running, bomb tech

LJ questions

If you have questions about LJ, and how to do certain cool things with it, do feel free to ask me. I'll either know or I won't.

That being said:

The cut tag is almost everyone's friend. A simple <lj-cut> produces an effect like this: Collapse ) until someone puts in the closing tag, which is </lj-cut>. This is useful for hiding large photos, TMI items, memes, and very long posts.

The spiffy username thing is done so: <lj user="azurelunatic"> becomes azurelunatic.

Livejournal automatically makes links clickable when you post them in your journal; as long as you make sure that the http:// bit is in front of the link you're pasting in, it will link happily.