December 16th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Night: happy Lunatic

Spent some time at my favorite site for the reduction of excess population of certain juvenile domestic pests creatures, then got a nice long shower. A little perfume, a nice soft nightdown, and a mud mask later, I'm very happy with the world and myself.

I'm contemplating doing something of close to my usual insanity. It is 36 hours until I get to see the movie. Wouldn't it be keen if I read all three books in that time period?

It would make a good challenge, even.

Cats are weird, and my cat very much so. Did I mention that when I call her at night to come into my room, she often comes trotting up and in, even though she's complaining about it?

I have happy pores.
running, bomb tech

Schedule for the next hectic two days:

0900: first alarm
0909: second alarm
0918: third alarm
0927: fourth alarm
0936: fifth alarm, waking time
0945: sixth alarm, time to get in motion out door

1000: lab begin
1150: lab end

1345: retrieve LF from school

1430-ish: commence with the housecleaning and laundry

1600-ish: hopefully go and pick up tickets beforehand

1800-ish: supper is served

2000: LF bedtime, story reading
2030: lights-out for LF
2031: nice, long, relaxing bath with all the girly essentials, incl. LotR trilogy paperbacks. Follow up with doing nails.

2200: crash early

0800: first alarm
0830: second alarm, ass out of bed pronto to primp
0945: third alarm, depart for school very carefully
1000: CarDev, try not to die
1100: History
1150: scurry back home


1350: Movie allegedly begins

Attempt to not irritate the Darkside.

1710: Movie allegedly ends.


0800: First alarm
0845: sixth alarm.
0900: squee to unsuspecting classmates, without mercy, having already downloaded brain into LJ.

Alternately, wail on phone night before to sympathetic ears how horribly it all went and how much you miss Sharkey.
running, bomb tech

Signs a geek friendship is actually counted as a friendship by non-geeks:

If you can gently tease your other geek friend about some peculiarity of their favored item that you do not favor, when said peculiarity has just caused them some small grief, and they don't immediately blow up at you, you're probably friends by the standards of "normal" people.

Say, if a PC girl notices that her Apple-using friend has just gotten something with documentation on a floppy disk...

*grin, duck, run*
running, bomb tech


I think I'm going to kick back, relax, and read my way through all three books. I mean, Frodo's already having mushrooms for supper, and I just started this morning. So...

...I mean...'s only 2 1/2 more books, right? I can do this.
running, bomb tech


Had a nap, vaguely unintentionally. All stiff now. Cross with LF when he's too loud, high-energy, and curious about secrets.

Sting fell off the back of the couch and onto me, producing an electronic clang of steel. Of course this attracted instant attention. "Where is that noise coming from?" "My room. No, you may NOT come inside!"

Grouchy, and resenting the interruption of my reading, I am.
running, bomb tech

Am bad

Am vacuuming instead of reading.

Now, am LJ-ing instead of vacuuming.

Perhaps soon I will go and read instead of LJ-ing. Then the circle will be complete.

Am thinking of just reading Return of the King -- not much time left, and must refresh in mind.

Yes. That will work.
running, bomb tech

"Pump it up to the max!"

So Little Fayoumis got on the stepstool with his sword, and was vigorously "pump[ing] it up to the max" by playing air guitar and singing the following:

"Daddy looks a lot like Santa Claus
And Santa looks a lot like him
He didn't come down no chimney
So Mommy must have let him in.
Daddy looks a lot like Santa Claus
And Santa looks a lot like him!"

All of this in the best bad-boy rock stylings, with Elvis-esque hip gyrations. Uberkid, look out! Ladies, look out! (For different reasons, of course.) (Incidentally, today LF and his robot alter/invisible friend were mixing it up over whether or not the pretty popular girl from cookie night was someone's girlfriend, I'm not sure which of them she was supposed to be the girlfriend of.)

He asked for some music, so I searched and found a very nice, peaceful Christmas disk. (Some Yule stuff on there too!) He looked at me. "Could you play YMCA?"

"YMCA" was duly played, and after it was over, as it was about two minutes until bedtime, I switched back to the very peaceful holiday numbers.

I get the Kid Accusing LookTM. "That's not pumping it up to the max!"

"No, but 'pumping it up to the max' is not good for bedtime," I said. That sort of settled matters.
running, bomb tech

Phone Post (not)

pyrogenic called maybe an hour ago, wanting support on the phone post feature. It was nice to hear from him. He knew I'd giggle as soon as I figured out it was him. I did.

He's watching the trilogy. It sounded like he was having incredible fun. It was intermission.

Evidently he called votania first.
running, bomb tech

Hsssss. Bad singers.

It is not, was not, and will never be troll the ancient Christmas carol, even though it scans. It is Yuletide, you Christians-with-no-respect-for-tradition!!!!!


My happiness with the otherwise-good holiday CD is now incomplete.