December 17th, 2003

running, bomb tech

'net outage

1:51 am


Got nasty error. Saved all stuff offline, then rebooted.

Error persisted. Called tech support, with visions of having to do evil stuff to computer all night dancing in my

Fortunately, there's some server maintainence going on in the Phoenix/Tempe area, and it's likely due to that, and
it should be all good sometime this morning.

Going to bed now, I hope. Gave up on FotR, started RotK. Still not far in. Did get lovely long bath. Also made much commentary on the listwank (will be posted locked because not everyone needs to see my unvarnished opinions of people I make a point of interacting civilly with) and made inroads on reading the Pizza discussion onlist.

Room is still disaster area. Did not get laundry done. Really must adjust the thing to redial a little more slowly.

'net back. Yay.
running, bomb tech

Random Screamy

Cleaned living room. Did dishes.

In quest to plug in star in W. bedroom, found old sealed plastic dinner container containing fork. Unwashed. I know whose it was. Eww. And it just got put somewhere.

So if the kitchen smells a little nasty... I opened it up and it is soaking.


Which is why I scream about dishes not being taken to sink w/in an hour.
running, bomb tech


Am getting up in... well ... not entirely long enough.

I'm screwed.

But then, I did get a nap this afternoon...

I'm still screwed.

and my room's a disaster area. Like, stuff all over and kind trashed, not the band.

The band would be too loud to have in here. Though they would have enough black.

Maybe too much black. I like pink too.
running, bomb tech

Write-only Lunatic

Jittery, nervous, not dressed yet. Nails all depolished. Hair in process of brushing. Teeth brushed. Legs shaved yesterday night.

Armpits have picked up Red Fuzzies from nightgown. This was Not On the Agenda.

Dressed. Everybody to the limit. No time for makeup, and anyway I'd smear it.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats




Hope he gets here soon.
running, bomb tech


Got computer for votania. She is picking it up with car. DeVry computer yard sale.

Go, me.
running, bomb tech

And, on the topic of Dates...

I'm prepared for it to turn into a date if he wishes it to be so.

I am happy with it not being a date if he doesn't wish it so.

I'm happy to see him and spend time with him in any case.

Where the hell is he?
running, bomb tech


Good movie. Good time with best friend. Obnoxious Legolas fangirls behind us only got one Glare of Death, because I was watching the movie.
running, bomb tech

Furthermore... careful planning and lack of soda, made it through movie without having to leave for the loo, but also with a headache.
running, bomb tech


Other than the untimely and ill-considered joke, about which I will be having a chat with the unfortunate and unknowingly erring gentleman, the excursion was a success.