December 18th, 2003

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Date or not?

I was dressed nicely.
He was dressed decently, but not spiffily.
I was wearing makeup.
While he'd shaved, it wasn't freshly on purpose for the occasion.
He told me that I hadn't needed to dress up.
I bought the movie tickets.
He bought lunch.
He could have talked my ear off, had my ear been capable of falling off.
We sat next to each other.
When we sat down, the armrest was folded back. There was some teasing with it, then he folded it down.
No hand holding.
No sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair "eew, cooties" style.
When he crossed his legs, he crossed his leg away from me.
I had to ask for a hug.
He made the crowbar joke.

That all adds up, to me, as "not a date".
running, bomb tech

Movie Thoughts (spoilers for Return of the King inside cut tag)

First, I would have liked to see this movie in two separate showings.

...Well, with a piss break in the middle, definitely.

And I stand by the two separate showings. Showing 1 would be with the hardcore, nerdcore geeks. Especially Darkside. Weapons, gaming, martial arts, graphics, and stunts would have been ooohed and aaaahed over. Debate over the books and how they could/should have done this would be haggled out.

Second showing would be with the slashgirls. Hobbit!Love would be giggled over, Arwen's jewelry exclaimed over, hot guys sighed over, and all the other things that slashgirls do. Interactive things might even be howled out at the screen.

Hearing slashgirls while attending the movie in the presence of a nerdcore man was severely brain-boggling to me. I'll stick with my beloved on this one.

We were sitting directly in front of some Legolas fangirls; mean age there was maybe 15. After some discussion with votania, we determined that the reason there wasn't more of them was because they were skipping school. Schools get out later in the afternoon; we were catching the 1:50 showing.

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running, bomb tech


It totally, totally spaced my mind. I'm so sorry, easalle. I was supposed to go to the writing group, and I spaced it... Aiiiigh! I'm sorry!
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Further observations on the not-date

easalle suggests that perhaps he was nervous and deliberately making it un-date-ish, at the end, with the crowbar joke. Sadly, I don't think that was quite it. I didn't think to do a pants-check, though.

Called a few minutes ago. I can catch him tomorrow morning.
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Depression's hitting worse. At least I can make it out of bed before noon.

Picked up Little Fayoumis. Mommy was out sick today. Bah. Snagged mail. I got a card from reprobayt (whee!) and the customary research pittance. Left LF with Mommy.

Went and gave plasma. Minor needle drama. An "Ow, that kinda pinches" turned into, "It's ... bleeding...?" and a small flock of mother-hen phlebotomists clucking over me and adjusting the needle. It transpired that the first guy had caught the edge, and not the entire vein, and there was more ow and some more leakage before it was all over.

I tried very hard to watch the movie. After the fussing was over, I returned to the problems of (soon-to-be) King Elessar and his fellows.

Home, then, after the bank and a quick stop to say hi to Clover. Got quarters for laundry, and deposited my current research check. Yay, checks.

Came home to find that oops, today had been writing group book club night. easalle and I had been having one of those bad brain-days, or something.

Now, I return to the lmbujold e-mail digests (haven't quite caught up on today's yet) and my orange chicken.

Tomorrow's another day. I'm to call Darkside, then I have a History test, and some Career Development. Then, blessed peace and laundry, then carolling and fondue.

Then, I may rest.
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Aha! The truth comes out at last!

According to status: "Jesus (our memcache server with 10 GB of memory) died again. We've reset the machine, but the caches are slow to fill up."


Livejournal now has the continual death and ressurection of Jesus, until they clear up their technical issues.

*makes incoherent sounds of theology-geekwannabe laughter*