December 19th, 2003

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Apology accepted.

Discussed crowbar joke.

The crowbar joke goes like this:
I hug Darkside.
He says some variant on, "Could somebody get me a crowbar?" "Where's that crowbar?"
I turn, like Ekaterin, to stone.
He fails to notice.

I explained my side of the crowbar joke, and how unfunny it was.

All is good.

23 minutes, much of which was silence.
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History test today. The last test that I thought I'd passed with flying colors in Server Admin, I hadn't, so I'm not sure about this one. I think and hope that I did a good job, though.

I turned in my resumé to my Career Development teacher. She directed me to where the handouts were, gave me a token grade for the effort, and told me to re-work it.
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Freewill (belated)

Gemini Horoscope for week of December 18, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Happy Holy Daze, Gemini! I predict that you'll dive deeper in 2004. You will cheerily plunge in over your head as you pursue the noble goal of getting to the bottom of things. Exploring murky waters shouldn't faze you because you'll have a sixth sense that's equivalent to being able to see in the dark. In looking around for a holiday gift you could give yourself to encourage these extraordinary predilections, I came across a yellow submarine for sale on the Internet. Amazingly, it's named the "Gemini." For more info, see
Though mercury retrograde isn't helping.

Cancer Horoscope for week of December 18, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You think you know what chocolate is all about? You don't. The tastes you find in M&M's and Hershey's Kisses comprise a tiny percentage of chocolate's total flavor spectrum. A few vanguard connoisseurs are beginning to awaken to the glorious diversity. New York now boasts several gourmet boutiques that offer the kind of variety characteristic of wine and coffee specialty stores. If I could get you a holiday gift, Cancerian, it would be a sampling of these exotic chocolates. Maybe if you realized what you've been missing in this one area, you'd also get more aggressive about pursuing a wider array of other fine pleasures in 2004. And that would be in alignment with the astrological omens.
Which is all fine and dandy, unless one doesn't care much for chocolate at all. Well, that might be the point.
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I had bizarre, confused dreams. The first bits -- ah, they return.

It was the universe of a massively metroplexed UAF, and I was in the apartments that used to be the lower campus dorms. They were vastly insecure. My ex told me that he was going to show up, and votania (and maybe sithjawa) and I lay in wait for him. I was fairly skittish, but we were angry and well-armed with clonky things.

Then, I was in line at a thrift store, and I happened upon a family that I knew from back home. There was something going on with everyone wearing fantastically beaded costumes (satin, with clear seed beads and colored thread -- simply amazing) but it wasn't costumes, it was what I was wearing. The family was father, mother, daughter, son. (swallowtayle: it was Mr. " 'Cetera 'cetera 'cetera 'cetera" the magician, and his family.) The father began pontificating on the moral dangers of bisexuality, and how his daughter had renounced her evil ways (out of the dream, I think she's actually straight, at least, I never knew her to be anything but heterosexually inclined, and then she's married to a guy) but someone had gotten to his son while his son was still developing, and his son was not straight.

The son in question blushed and fiddled with his dress-up clothes that he was buying. The father pontificated on about someone having given him access to girly clothes while he was developing, and I felt guilty and angry, because I had been the one, and it hadn't been a bad thing. The father kept on with it, and I grew so angry that I bit his nose.

And that was the end of the dream.
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Actually doing laundry. It's in the dryer now.

Cleaned cat boxes.

Hiding from the household, because I'm liable to break if dropped. Lunatic made of glass.
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Little Friends

It's confirmed that LF's little friends, the rude ones with no visible parental oversight, have moved out of the apartment complex, though they're still in the area.
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Am working on my posture, and correcting it. I think that my bad posture is at the root of many evils.

My lips are happy with me now that I have started keeping a container of lip balm by the computer.

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The Cunning Plan

easalle will be dropping her men off at home, and then leaving about eightish.

First, she picks up me, then she picks up machinegirl.

Then, we shall Do Stuff! Yay!

First, though, I must find my pajamas red velvet Santa costume.
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Orlando Bloom, Legolas, Will Turner

I was chatting with some chick-friend or other the other night, talking about the general hotness of Aragorn, and the comparative not-so-hotness of Legolas, and how Will Turner was hotter than Legolas.

My take on the situation, especially why Legolas did very little for me? "I prefer my chicks with, you know, boobs."
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