December 20th, 2003



I cannot believe we just did that.
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Glamourbombing: Santa Surprise

Dressed up in black pants and a black tank top underneath a knee-length red velvet nightgown with 3/4 length sleeves. Wore a holly and jinglebell and ribbon headdress. Packed my walking stick with me, and a bunch of shiny glass pebbles and gold-colored bells in a bag.

Got picked up by easalle, who was running a bit late because of a small household incident. Went to machinegirl's.

Somewhere along the way, easalle got the bright idea that we should go and carol for Darkside, because he lives out in Mesa, and somehow, I was convinced that this was a good idea as well. So Yahoo Maps and I coughed up directions, and we showed up on his doorstep around ten-ish (or was it later?)

His father answered the door. We stood there looking silly for a bit, and then I started singing.

His father went to "get the kid".

So easalle and machinegirl met Darkside. Darkside in pajamas. Groggy, but polite, Darkside.

I have the feeling that I'll be hearing about this later.

Then we hit Mill Avenue. Problematically, we know few carols in common. So we sort of caroled, and handed out bits of swag, and got beads, and came home.
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    God. Can't believe we just did that.
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Refrain of the Night

easalle convinced me to cough up the map to Darkside's.

On the way there, I said, "Gods. I cannot believe we are doing this."

I repeated this several million times.

Once there, I got a terminal attack of something that was more common sense than shyness, and hid behind people. Darkside would have utterly skewered me had I been at the forefront of a blatant attack on his privacy.

After we left, I was repeating "God. I cannot believe we just did that!" all the way home. After our trip around Mill Avenue, when I said that, the response was, "Of course we did! This was us!" "No, I didn't mean caroling on Mill -- I meant, doing that to Darkside!"

easalle is going to try and include him in our future efforts, as that boy needs to loosen up. I am skeptical as to how well this is going to work, and am certain that no good will come of it unless it's done very, very carefully.
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80s Makeup

From vidicon, this pitiless look at 1980s makeup.

I am happy to say that I do not believe that any photos of me exist where I am looking like that.

That's mostly because Mama refused to let me out in public wearing more than a little blush and lip gloss, in the 80s, because I was under 10. By the time I was old enough to wear makeup in public, fashions had changed.

swallowtayle and I got the most mileage out of the eyeshadow by creating realistic-looking fake bruises on ourselves and each other, just because we could. Yellow all around the area, and then the reds and blues and purples blended *just* so, with some green in the fade...

We looked ghastly.
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Climb Ev'ry Mountain

...So I look over at my closet, and I see eris_raven a good four feet off the ground, on her way to the top closet shelf by way of my T-shirts. She is vertical -- nose and front paws up, claws hooked into my shirt, body and tail proceeding down in a straight line.

I yell at her, of course, and she bounces off and flounces out of the room, whining.

Alice named her correctly, all right. Eris. Raven. Yep.
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Scissors, with the stabby.

At the gathering of anime chicks some time ago, I was crocheting. I needed my scissors, and since we were watching anime and it was all dark (and I'd just lost my glasses and I was wearing my prescription sunglasses indoors at night while watching anime in a darkened room) I wanted everything to be close to hand.

Now, I was wearing a skirt, and did not have pockets. And I needed my scissors. So, I stuck my scissors (tiny nail scissors) in the top of my sock.

Well, they fell out. And reichiere found them with her leg.

I misplaced the scissors, somehow, a while after that. Just the other day, I got new ones. Nail scissors are just the right size for crocheting projects, and a lot easier to deal with than lugging around a pair of great honking shears, or even school-size scissors.

reichiere isn't in town anymore, but I think she will be relieved to know that these nail scissors have a funky-looking rounded end, evidently just so they won't stab anyone.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kid log: "Got rotten luck!"

Little Fayoumis has been declaiming, "Got rotten luck!" in an accent that sounds like something non-upper-class from the United Kingdom, lately. He's been doing it for a while, but this is the first I've actually logged it down. It's clearly a quote from a game, movie, or TV show.

I've taken to asking him, "So what was the rotten luck this time?" because sometimes it is rotten luck, and sometimes it isn't. And if it isn't appropriate to be saying it, he says it enough so that I would prefer that he only says it when he actually does have rotten luck with something.

Today, so far, it's been that he guessed wrong while flipping a coin, and that he spilled apple sauce all over the kitchen floor. "So, what do you do when you spill something?" I prompted, and he made a world-weary noise and went for the paper towels.

"What was the rotten luck?" works better as the question than, "Why are you saying that?"
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Spammer Watch?

A friend just got some spam. The spam had her name, and the name of her place of business.

She has given out that combination of information to two places: and Toys in Babeland.

This does not bode well for the reputation of Santa's naughty little elves. Anyone else have info?
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Cat vs. Closet

Caught her at it again. Evidently she has a little nest in a box up there, and she's climbing my shirts to get to the box so she can curl up.


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I evidently need to learn to sing "Santa, Baby". easalle was egging me on to sing it to Darkside. I don't know it. I can sing along with it; my background enables me to sing along to things that I've never heard before by the second time around, and get quite a bit of it right -- but soloing, I don't do well.

I'd also never heard the song about Dominic the Christmas Donkey before. easalle was surprised.

However, I do know quite a few actual Christian carols. One wouldn't really think that I would, but I do, and I am quite happy to sing them at the top of my lungs.