December 21st, 2003

high energy magic

Grace, elemental correlations

(offlist musings)

Some of us are goblets, true. I had to stop reading at the lengthy musing on the nature of clergy and their relation to Grace, because it resonated with me, long and deep and intensively potentially nerve-wracking. In consequence, I have about nine more digests to get through, and I don't think I'll make it this morning.

I wonder what the breakdown is, for enjoying The Curse of Chalion and especially Paladin of Souls, sorted between clergy and not-clergy, and those who would admit to holding grace, and those who would admit to not being able to grasp it for long.

Some of us fashion ourselves into the empty cups, true. But it's a poor distributor of grace who accepts the grace and holds it as a miser might. Collapse )
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Vacation's a perfect time to get sick. I've got a head full of yick, though just cloggy yick, and not different brilliant colors yick. It'll be nice and quiet, someone else can keep an eye on LF, and I can vegetate.

I'm going to be so fricking bored.

I'm even too tired to stay at the keyboard for as long as I'd like.

To add insult to injury, Wednesday was one of those "break everything I touch" days. I wound up spilling water places, and may or may not have ruined my zip disk with all the important shit on it.

I'm waiting for it to definitely be dried out before I put it in the drive and see what happened.
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Silly kitling was lurking by my door, waiting to be let in. She should have whined or something to let me know she was waiting.

Hungry cats.

Hopefully, she'll want to snuggle up tonight. I need cat-hugs.

I have devised a devious way to keep cat hair off my clean laundry -- I dumped it all on the couch, then stretched a sheet over it. This way, the cats get to sleep on top of the sheet, without shedding on my socks. So far it's worked.
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Witches, Tradition

I've figured out why traditional witches tend to have black cats.

1. With superstitions about black cats being bad luck, witches are the ones who will dare to keep them anyway.

2. If the witch is doing the traditional all-black wardrobe thing, it's smartest to have a cat that matches.
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Family! Yay!

Aunt-Fayoumis called to wish me a happy Winter Solstice. Told her that Solstice observations had been rescheduled for the 23rd, as everybody's busy.

Have given the Little Fayoumis the first of his twelve day presents. We're recycling -- marxdarx gave over a bunch of his Star Wars toys into my keeping, and since I never play with them, and since Little Fayoumis is really into Star Wars, he'll really appreciate them. He got a naked C-3PO today.
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More stuff

Gratuitous LJ informational bit: Phone post feature has numbers local to the following US states: Connecticut, Delaware, Dist. of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia.

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Little Fayoumis lost another tooth today.

Evidently this makes six.

TV is sometimes a pointless waste of time.

...but not always.

I don't, as a rule, watch TV. This is a change from three(?) years ago, when I was hooked on the X-Files. Back to my roots. But I digress.

Tonight, it was not a waste of time. marxdarx tuned in to Enterprise, and there was almost hot Vulcan lesbian seduction! I mean, there was hot Vulcan lesbian seduction going on, but sadly there was no hot lesbian Vulcan sex afterwards. Boo.

Hmf. Perhaps I should watch the show, all of it, then slash it.
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Last night, I scorched my tongue on some far-too-hot soup or tea. It still hurts today.

I am miffed.