December 23rd, 2003

running, bomb tech


Swept bathroom floor. Cleaned catboxes. Coached LF in the putting away and picking up of some stuff.

Will not be brining, as Votania has other plans.

Cat has settled in on top of couch. Perhaps this is a hint to me to put my laundry away? Second cat is in her spot on my bed. She is still wearing the harness. Good cats, being leash-trained slowly but surely!

Dishes are drying in the washer. Must soon convince LF to help with them. Suspect that minor bribery (micropayments) will be in order.

Am having sudden visions of LF getting bank account and having weekly paychecks based on how much in the way of chores he did or didn't do.

Need to replace NIC in one computer, and need to figure out what the hell is going on with the other computer. The Windows 2000 I have is upgrade only, and I am suspecting that it's not complete in any event... and the Red Hat is acting suspicious, in that it's not doing jack. Will need to download and burn new copy of OS, and then try that.

Little Fayoumis is still awake. His tank from Grandma (which he has named "Jake 2.0") is too loud for Marx. I may go and find the speaker and apply some tape to make it better for humans to be around.
running, bomb tech

Shopping Don'ts

Don't go to Wal-Mart after midnight.

After not doing that, make sure to not bring your tired seven-year-old along with you.

And don't get distracted by the shiny things. And the ice cream. And the coffee.

Then don't forget about getting your sick roommate the cold meds until you're almost ready to check out.
running, bomb tech


votania found Matrix: Reloaded on what looked to be sale. The celebration later today will have all sorts of happy moviegeeking. Little Fayoumis is good about not getting to see the parts he doesn't get to see.
running, bomb tech


This morning, after some sleep, I get to be initiated into the Rites of Bird. There was a very amusing exchange, wherein I revealed my utter cluelessness, and votania decided that I'd better be shown rather than told.
running, bomb tech

Holiday, whee!

E is here.

Evil plans are commencing. Much giggling. Drunk tractor driving stories shared (my old neighbor). Silliness. I am such a tease.
running, bomb tech

Silly Moments

"People are weird. Christians are weirder." --E

"Oh, look! One ring to rule them all! See?" --me, linking to ("Ring" is Scottish slang for a certain body part. Um, don't clicky linky if you don't already know, because it's extremely not work-safe.)

All That Idiot Shawn stories sound so much better with sarcastic commentary in a Scottish accent.