December 25th, 2003

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Material things, household

Finally have Parallel Lines and Document again. This makes me happy.

Confirmed that Milka and my mouth shouldn't spend too much time together. When my tongue and gums start tingling in the bad way, and it's just chocolate, without cinnamon or pepper, then I should be very very careful. Bah.

marxdarx is working on his computer's sound card and burner issues. I may wind up going in there and helping out tomorrow.

Little Fayoumis is finally asleep. After chilling out, and being good, he got to stay up for a while longer, but was off-and-on crabby, and was eventually sent to bed anyway.

He really needs to go run his wiggles out tomorrow or something.
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running, bomb tech

The Holidays, According to templeravenmoon

1:09 AM, Christmas morning.

votania: awake, quietly doing beadwork at her desk in the living room.
marxdarx: awake, quietly doing something on his computer in the West bedroom.
azurelunatic: awake, quietly reading her e-mail, and answering Support requests.
Little Fayoumis: asleep, quietly, possibly pondering in his dreams the unjust nature of parents (especially in regard to disciplinary procedures ending in bedtime) more than sugarplums or Santa.
hot_chocolate: awake, quietly trying to scratch or chew through the glass walls of the fishtank.
The fish: not sayin' shit either.
shammash and eris_raven: awake, tearing around the apartment chewing on each other and yowling, snarling, and hissing.

eris_raven: "Yarr!"
shammash: "Mrroo?"
eris_raven: "Neeeeeeeooooowww HSSSSSSSSS! N'yoo!"

azurelunatic: "Creatures! Stop stirring!"
running, bomb tech

Alcohol'll kill me.

...if not by me drinking it (which I really do relatively rarely) by falling on my head.

I opened up the freezer, wondering what was living in there, and a plastic box full of cherries and blackberries drenched in sugar and vodka came flying out at me, and hit the floor and only sort of bounced, leaving plastic splinters all over the floor. Frozen plastic doesn't bounce well.
running, bomb tech

Oh, gods.


The lucky condom.
My 15 cent purchase.
The microwave popcorn incident.
Losing the condom wirh River.
running, bomb tech

Your lack of pants disturbs me.

Stayed up far too late on the phone with swallowtayle, then stayed up far too late reading A Woman's Weapon, which is the best, most crack-erriffic WIP HP detective story I've found yet. Ahhh, yes. The ultimate crossover really is, for me, an old detective story and Harry Potter, because they're much of the same flavour.

Finally got to sleep around 5 or 6 in the morning. Woke up nineish, and bleared out to watch LF open presents. Taped over the speaker in Sting. Gods bless 3M. Called Darkside's house, and wished "y'all" a merry Christmas to his father. I think I've been listening to kellinator's phone posts a lot lately.

Went back to sleep. Woke up. Petted cat. Ate. Read some The Hero and the Crown.

Mama called, and I got to talk to her for a while.

marxdarx and Little Fayoumis left to go spend some time with Marx's mom and stepdad. votania won't be back until late.
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Music: Darkside's songs

For whatever reason, I associate Blondie's "Fade Away and Radiate" with Darkside. Because he's a TV addict, and because it's a very late-night song, and I used to talk to him while the sane world was asleep?

I don't know.

It's still one of those songs. Not that it's inherently him, not that he loves it, just that I've always loved it, and I now map it to him.

"White Reflection" is slightly different. He likes it, I like it, and it's from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, which I still have yet to see. Just like tabletop gaming, I think I'm saving that experience for him.
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Holiday Lootage

Many purrs and snuggles from shammash and eris_raven.
Assorted cards from all sorts of places.
Cookies from rainstorm13 -- O, those chocolate booze balls!
A rooster calendar from Mama and FatherSir.
Anime, in condensed, choose-your-own-title form from Darkside.
A basket of lavendar-scented bath products from votania, marxdarx, and presumably LF.
A bar of Milka chocolate and a box of gold tea lights from E.
A chicken calendar, a chicken ornament, and a bracelet from Clover.

I focused more on making my household happy than on anyone else this season. I'm not even yet done with my $WINTERHOLIDAY web card.
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