December 27th, 2003

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Quiet day: insight, movies, shopping.

Had a quiet morning, followed up by a visit to the plasma place. I snagged Cyteen as my take-along book, and it hit me with the big Clue Stick: duh, psychogenesis, duh.

After that, I went shopping. I got more air fresheners for the cat box, a new black velvet skirt (my old one went MIA), and, um... oh, yeah. Cough drops. Then, when I hit home, votania needed to send someone to the store for cough medicine, so after I got off the phone with Dawn, I was it, because Marx still isn't up to doing much.

I got wrapping paper, ribbon, candy canes, cough syrup, and margerine. I like candy canes in my hot chocolate, and they were on sale. I'm leaving them in my Desk Drawers of Doom until such time as I summon the motivation to make more hot chocolate.
running, bomb tech


"interest notifications" -- people like to spam people interested in a particular thing. some people dig it, some don't. is a pain in the arse to have a community for each particular interest.

Would be a nice thing if there were a some sort of thing where you could notify other people about things associated with said interest (or combo of interests) if they had it too, and you could opt in and out of getting notified of stuff because of.

Bad scary thing: easy to turn into spam.
Cool thing: find nifty things.
Default setting: off.
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Not much action going on in phx_devry. There are only two people who have it friended, of all the very few people who are in it. This doesn't make for much hot community action.
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Lines that tug: Cyteen

"What do you think -- that I can take a normal, healthy mind and redesign it?" Yes, Ari. And by lighting up that idea, which had been a fear, and making it seem ridiculous, it's that much easier to make him not fight the changes that you're wreaking. Not that they're bad changes, but alien.

Mock the truth that they fear and make it seem as if only a paranoid idiot would believe it. Make their truth a straw man, and knock it down.

What he should have thought to defend his mind: I'm as normal and healthy as any one of the azi she redesigns.

You can't implant commands that don't work off something, some buried or halfaware thing, that isn't already there. You can work in a series, and find that first hook, and hook something off that, and keep building until you have a long snaky trigger you can tweak.

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My old joke Y! profile (now retired)

I used to be cat_frog_cat on Yahoo, back when I chatted a lot. She was supposed to be me at three.

The profile went like so:
Occupation: cat cat cat cat CAT cat
More About Me
blocks books mud carrots CAT FROG mouse mommy book blankie swim mud mud mud
Latest News: mud big car mud hat mud MOMMY!!
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My problem with some rap songs...

...After I got used to the style, the trouble I had most with quite a bit of the rap I encountered was the violence, and the way that violence was the solution to problems.

When you've got someone who's dedicated to avoiding drama, and their way of avoiding drama is to cut out the messy bits where people start talking about the problem and yelling recriminations at each other, and just skip straight to the shooting...

... which was a theme in too many of those songs ...

... that opens up more trouble. Suddenly the brothers and cousins and sisters and parents of the people you just blew away spring up with real problems with you, and after they blow your ass away, your clan gets in on the action...

Really, I prefer to keep that action on the streets of Verona, safely onstage.

It's universal, I guess, but that doesn't make me like it any better.
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Hugs. That's it.

I'm hug-deprived.

I hugged shammash for a long time, and his fur got in my nose.

I just need a very long hug/snuggle with someone I trust. That's all. Am I likely to get this soon? No.