December 28th, 2003

documentation, writing, quill

Coffee, etc.

Have been re-doing my userinfo page, and I think it looks a lot spiffier than it used to.

I've also decided that it's a Sign of the Times, whatever times it happens to be, and have plonked a paypal button onto the bottom of my website. Yet another broke college student scrounging coffee change. I do write random babblings on request. And I really should get votania's necklaces photographed and put up somewhere so people can look at them and go "oooh, shiny, I think I want one." They are shiny, but I don't expect people to take that on faith.

Next, I probably need to rearrange my website myself. Oh, and make a new website for myself-in-professional-guise. This whole connectivity thing is odd.

Sleep, lack thereof

Have been up a while.

Took a pill.

Will soon crash.

Have been reading. Have a passage picked out to type up, that's marked; iroshi was never able to wade through the book, but Cyteen has some remarkably good descriptions of what it's like to have your shields go down utterly, and what it must be like for people who are less able to screen inputs when same happens than I am.
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Obscurity, surreality.

I feel shamed by the fact that my girlfriend is more surreal than I am.

But then, I'm living in this, my own brain, so I can track my own thoughts.

I'm still boggled by the concept that I have a girlfriend.

It's almost been a year. Wow.

At any rate, I'm sometimes surreal, but perhaps not enough. I feel like I ought to be able to bend my own brain backwards and inside out and have everyone else along for the ride -- but I don't know how to go about it, and don't know who would come along for the ride anyway.

Cards of brain-breaky, $0.23 a pack.
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Brews: bath salts

I'm going to make more of this: Exorcism, Purification, & Cleansing Bath Salts as soon as I get done with a bath featuring the stuff I just made:

Small (16 oz) jar mostly full of bath salt base.
6 drops tangerine oil.
3-4 drops peppermint oil.

Equal amounts of the tangerine and peppermint will smell like the Lysol Orange Breeze scent. It's a good scent, but very, VERY strong.
running, bomb tech

(post-bath musings)

So, thinking about wolfpack terminology.

If you train a kid that she's supposed to be an Alpha -- and then put her in a situation where she's the outsider -- she may well wind up Omega, or may dissociate herself from the pack and make herself a loner.

Dangerous situations, there.

So we'll have to train kids in how to gracefully be a Beta, if they can't be Alpha, if you want them to not split off from the pack.