December 29th, 2003

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TV of Doom

So we noticed the other nights while watching Samurai X and Shanghai Noon that the speakers on marxdarx's TV are going.

So, today Marx took the TV apart and did arcane things to it, and now there are places to plug external speakers in.

And I settled down happily on the couch between the new external speakers to watch X: One and X: Two.

Speakers, halfway through episode 2 on the first disk, had gone blooey, and I was thanking my lucky stars for subtitles by 3, as I was only hearing bits and shards.

We'll see what happens. Marx has a few weeks off.

Quote search

According to Ghastly, Eric Idle said that all Englishmen dress in drag at least once in their lives.

Anyone care to help me track down where and when he said it? *snicker* I have ... a cunning plan.
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Internal Jukebox

"I'm Getting Nothin' for Christmas" is mixing with The Dead Milkmen's "The Conspiracy Song".

Two great tastes... that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

It's the snake in the mailbox, I guess.
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    marxdarx's computer now has a working soundcard, and a dangerously new version of Winamp
running, bomb tech


Wound up watching some bishie band anime with pretty boys kissing thanks to Marxdarx. Gravitation, was it?

Went and gave plasma.

Went and returned wrong-sized skirt in the hellish Wal*Mart lines.

Came back home.


Scrubbed the dirty countertop and stovetop. Loaded much in the way of dishes. Have put clothes in washer, and have heated and then sprayed down the inside of the oven with the oven cleaner.

I'm a grown-up, damn it.