December 31st, 2003

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The Interactive Lunatic

What things would y'all like to see me accomplish in the coming year?

I'm not about to jeapordize the quasi-stability I've won by ordering myself to accomplish all the things I think I ought to, but I will make up a list, just for myself, of things I'd like to see.

But, I'm often open to good ideas, silly suggestions, and what have you.
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amberite, what did your anthropology teacher say about my answers to the "How many races are there?" question, where my answer (top of the head) was: "err... I'd say at least 4: human, elvish, hobbit, dwarf."
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Happy New Year... to ... us....

On New Year's Day, we're going to be going over to votania's mom's house and having the Combined Holiday Feast Thing.

Should be interesting.

I plan on taking a crocheting project or something, and a book.
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For someone who thinks she drinks as much as I think I drink, I'm really not drinking that much at all, booze-wise.

Sometime between now and the end of October, I drank about 2/3 of a bottle of caramel cream liqueur, 34 proof, and I put the rest in the refrigerator to save for later.

Said bottle is one of those little 50 ml bottles, the single servings. Half a teaspoon is enough to get me buzzed...
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the fuck.

You don't ask a kid whether they want to do something or not, and then give them a guilt trip for giving you their answer.

If a response is unacceptable, you shouldn't offer it as a choice.

I don't like the way he keeps "testing" him.
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    (and deliberately drinking booze, locked in my room)
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Note that when I say I'm getting even more drunk, that this means that I've had, like, about a tablespoon of 34 proof booze, and that I'm drinking massive amounts of water in order to avoid the otherwise-inevitable hangover, and I'll be sober again within 30 minutes.
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Gemini Horoscope for week of January 1, 2004

My orphan friend Elektra has no idea when she was born and therefore doesn't know what sign she is. While there are drawbacks to this, it has advantages, too. She celebrates her birthday once every month, for instance. She also reads all twelve of my horoscopes each week and heeds only the ones she likes. I suggest you adopt her approach in 2004, Gemini. To do so would make perfect astrological sense. This week you could act like an assertive, single-minded Aries. Next week you might want to be an organized and disciplined Capricorn. By mid-January you could thrive on playing the part of a willful, mysterious Scorpio. All the world will be your stage in 2004. You should relish the host of roles available to you.

Cancer Horoscope for week of January 1, 2004

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Cancerian actress Pamela Anderson has become a Sunday school teacher who reads the Bible to kids. While some might wonder if the former Playboy centerfold has reformed and others might call her a hypocrite, she told the BBC there's no incongruity between her sexy image and her faith in God. I urge you to be inspired by Anderson's example in 2004, my fellow Crabs. You have the possibility of playing two different roles that many people imagine are incompatible. Who cares what they think? You can definitely go both ways without being either a contradiction or a fake.
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All's well over here.

Went to the park by the water treatment plant. Nice place. Little Fayoumis zoomed around on his scooter, and on the playground equipment. I amused myself by chasing him and making claws and saying, amusedly, "Rawr."

I met my girlfriend a year ago. Wow.

Hey, honey! Happy anniversary-thing! Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

In morning, tried calling Darkside. No answer. Bad timing. Again. :D Called this morning when he was going out, got to say hi. Then zipped bankward, and Beads Galore after refueling and abortive missions at, um, car wash thing since the AzureGreen package arrived.

Then, went got chicken takeout, came home, ate, went to park after. Raver-girl shared chicken scraps, and licked my fingers. Aww, cat is trusting. Finally.

Park was fun. Saw mom with two kidlets and bad kid management scheme. Took them like I swear an hour to leave. Tried scooter. Scooter was fun. Read Cyteen. Still not finished yet. I swear, it's a yearly or more frequent re-read, and it should be. I think I'ma turn around and read it again after this -- and then Spock's World and The Wounded Sky and the Young Wizards series when I can find them. It's doing my tapes. Hee.

Wine != kat, though.

Plum wine. Mmmm.

Next up: pizza and Nemo, or something.

No sushi in the house, damn it. Which violates the kosher law that I don't keep anyway, with the cheeseburgers.
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family time

Found Nemo. Yes, eyes leaked. I'm getting to be a sentimental old sop.

And I'm a grown-up now.
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Phone Post: Happy New Year's!

354K 1:32
“Happy New Year's from the Lunatic -- we're having a very, um, quiet family lightswitch -- well, it's not a lightswitch rave -- there's a happy spinny ball with a bunch of colored lights going, there's a little, um, shiny mirror ball with a dying red spotlight, there's a blacklight, there's a, woogly light, there's a hangover, cause I started drinking early and was, you know, [something] the hangover kicks in before it's even New Years, by my time at least.

Um, happy new years to all y'all who have already had your new years, um, happy new years to everybody who hasn't had it yet, um, and I figure I've got like a couple more minutes to do all my last things from 2003, which includes, you know, posting this.

The Little Fayoumis is flicking around in a white shirt, because, you know, black light's on, I'm wearing all black, everybody else is changing, Darkside is doing his own thing gods know where, um, [giggles] -- you see I'm not entirely, like, totally sober yet. Cat's in the window...


It's been a pretty good day, all things considered, except for that little, um, altercation outside with the people yelling, and throwing things, and breaking glass and stuff, but that's all cleared up.

Happy New Year's, y0. [giggles]”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic