January 1st, 2004

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The way you spend the moment of the new year is indicative of how you're going to spend the upcoming year.

Last year, my girlfriend and I sat at separate computers, and I was much too far away from Darkside, at that moment.

This year, I was at my computer, taking photos and uploading to Petridish, drinking sparkling cider, nursing a hangover, with the vast majority of my family home and having at least a bit of fun. (Well, Little Fayoumis is sulking.) Cats were on hand, and there is good music on.

Nice to know that the omens are so good, and while it appears that less romance is in the cards, there's also probably to be less isolation...
running, bomb tech

Whee, phone!

Got call from...

...um. The person I just got a call from. The person who got to hear about my hangover. And about the firemen walking up and down my apartment complex.

Did I mention it's newyears?

It's the headache but sober kind of hangover. Sadly.

From ONE glass of wine!

melcocha, that's who. Caller ID captured a phone number, so now I shall verily not, NOT I say, use it for devious purposes! Muahhah.

And I'm wearing white now.
loud fayoumis

Happy Fucking New Year.

Little Fayoumis is cross and cranky, and has already pitched one tantrum. I blame bedtime, or the lack thereof.

We get to go to votania's parents' place.


You may probably expect phone posts, detailing the inane and insane goings-on. Evidently Grandma said it was to be "informal", which evidently means lots of booze, according to votania's handy I-speak-my-family's-language translation abilities.

I think I may well have to stay sober for this one. Boy oh boy.
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Phone Post: Votania's mother was right there messing with her phone next to me; I pretended I was leaving an answering machine message.

98K 0:26
“Hi, guys, I'm over at her mom's house, and we've been having a pretty good time, and we just watched, um, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, I mean Sorcerer's Stone. Um, and the kids have been having fun running around outside and playing computer games and stuff.

Um, talk to you guys later! Bye!”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic
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Home Safe

Back from the out-laws'. No one got eaten. That Woman was evidently too hung-over to make any sort of fuss. We watched Harry Potter. There was pork ham and turkey ham.

It was actually a decent visit.

Talked with FatherSir and Mama on the way home. FatherSir has been fiddling with electronics. I need to look up the Suzuki CDs on Shar and also Brian Wicklund's fiddle teaching.
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Food Allergy (etc) Meme

Foods I am actively badly allergic to:
none known.

Foods I am mildly allergic/sensitive to:
Walnuts, bananas that are not fully ripe, perhaps hazelnuts, raw pineapple, some tomatoes, perhaps raw broccoli, perhaps chocolate -- my father used to have a list of foods to eat to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder. I looked at it once, and noticed that pretty much everything on the list made my mouth raw.

Foods I Don't Eat, Ever:
Fried squid. (Tried it once, won't try it again.) Cooked spinach. Canned green beans. Canadian bacon + pineapple pizza. (Part of it is that the tomato plus the pineapple leaves my mouth raw...) Pork rinds. Most beer. V-8. Undercooked chicken.

Foods I Don't Prefer, But Will Eat Occasionally or Pick Out of Mixed Dishes:
Raw green beans. Water chestnuts. Peanuts. Peanut butter, fried chicken, eggs.

Foods I eat that many other people I know won't or can't:
Frozen green beans -- like, still frozen. Asparagus.

General Principles About My Food Prefs
I avoid pork out of solidarity with votania. I attempt to avoid over-processed foods, but often fall short of the mark. I raised chickens, and worked with large amounts of liquid eggs in baking, so I find the smell of eggs very nasty in most situations, and I know the kind of diseases that chickens carry, and won't eat chicken if I think there's the slightest chance it'll be even a tiny bit undercooked.