January 2nd, 2004


...it's damn near a checklist.

Foods rich in serotonin:
  • avocado

  • banana

  • kiwi

  • octupus

  • pecan nut

  • pineapple

  • plum

  • tomato

  • walnut

(from here)

Foods on that list that I don't associate with having my mouth get scraped raw:
  • octopus

  • pecan nut

  • plum

And I have never tried octopus, and haven't had pecans or plums lately.

Another list:
avocado, banana, kiwi, pineapple, plantain, plums, eggplant, tomatoes, butternut, pecans and walnuts

Never had plantain, don't like eggplant, haven't had butternut squash in a while.

Then, a lot of my childhood "don't like" was based on whether or not it would take off the inside of my mouth.

Edit: and dates. Which take off my mouth too.
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Name Change

Was "Windstorm touched by Eternal Flame".
Now is "I see you falling"
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The nozzle in the heart of the Other is the nozzle in your heart; you six he.

(I get silly when tired.)

azurelunatic (3:51:27 AM): I must the bed.
sithjawa(3:51:35 AM): Good night.
azurelunatic (3:51:49 AM): Night. I probably must evict cat.
azurelunatic (3:51:51 AM): Housecat.
azurelunatic (3:51:59 AM): Not, like, treecat or lion.
azurelunatic (3:52:05 AM): Or lematya.
sithjawa(3:52:37 AM): What is my girlfriend on about? :-)
sithjawa(3:52:40 AM): What is a lemyata?
azurelunatic (3:52:57 AM): Is a poisonous desert creature.
azurelunatic (3:53:09 AM): Is known for being in beds.
azurelunatic (3:53:13 AM): It is not a cat.
azurelunatic (3:53:17 AM): But, it is like a cat.
sithjawa(3:53:28 AM): Apparently, I miss a lot by not living in Arizona.
azurelunatic (3:53:38 AM): Oh, but it is not from Arizona.
azurelunatic (3:53:55 AM): It is larger than a housecat.
sithjawa(3:54:15 AM): Is it larger than a breadbox?
azurelunatic (3:54:39 AM): Yes.
sithjawa(3:55:06 AM): Is it larger than a bed?
azurelunatic (3:55:14 AM): Depends on the bed.
azurelunatic (3:56:57 AM): In the words of the famous philosopher: if one has a le-matya in one's bed, one first must admit that the le-matya is in one's bed so that one may call Animal Control and have it removed, otherwise, if one does not admit that it is there, one's bed will become increasingly crowded.
azurelunatic (3:58:46 AM): See! Google has translated the words of the sage for me1
azurelunatic (3:58:49 AM): !!
azurelunatic (3:59:07 AM): Not to accellerare the entropy. In order to succeed to you, you must remove the fear. It removes hatred and the anger, removes all the emotions that push the Universe towards the chaos. Not asserting semplicente that they do not exist, because they are a part of all.

Not to misinterpret to me when I speak "to remove". Many could think that this means to reject the fear, supporting not to have any. It is not the same thing. To support that not there is a lematya in your house, will not make it to go via, if ce n' it is one. You must before admit with same you the fact that is a lematya... must accept its presence. Then you can call the attache's to the animal control, make them to come and make to carry it via. But until you will not have admitted that it is lì, you will find lematya in the every bed a night. You can save your pride, denying its presence, but your bed unpleasantly will be crowded.

azurelunatic (3:59:38 AM): See!
sithjawa(4:00:42 AM): I see.
azurelunatic (4:00:53 AM): Also!
azurelunatic (4:01:03 AM): The nozzle in your heart is the nozzle in the heart of the Other!
azurelunatic (4:01:25 AM): evil google link of doom
azurelunatic (4:01:25 AM): \
azurelunatic (4:01:29 AM): VERILY!
sithjawa (4:03:51 AM): It returns to the bookcase!
azurelunatic (4:04:00 AM): Yes.
azurelunatic (4:05:52 AM): So, lematyas are not native to Arizona.
sithjawa (4:05:58 AM): I see
azurelunatic (4:06:16 AM): But there are several in my bookcase nonetheless.
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Accomplishing Things! With poorly designed call systems!

  • Woke up.

  • Found phone bill.

  • Paid phone bill.

  • Had previously done juggling of accounts so that same could be accomplished.

  • Did not get narged by the stupid phone menu, and was very polite about giving my feedback on the stupid phone system that did like so:
    [user navigates phone menu] [user encounters error in system resulting in general inability to pay the automated way] [user is forwarded to customer service representative queue] *hold music* *ring, ring* Automated voice: "All of our representatives are busy. We think you'll have a 60 second wait." *hold music* *ring, ring* Automated voice: "We are currently experiencing high call volume, and we don't know when we'll get to you." *hold music* *ring, ring* Automated voice: "High call volume." *hold music* *ring* Automated voice: "High call volume. Still. Always." *hold music* [user seethes gently]
    Told person that when I hear ringing, I expect to get connected to a Real Person after that. Long wait time? No real problem; I've worked call center jobs before. But ringing should equal human. (Well, or voicemail, but that's a given these days.) CSR and manager were impressed that I was so sweet about the whole thing.

  • Got dressed.

  • Put away laundry.

Next up: breakfast/lunch, catbox, plasma, bank.

Yesterday I also cleaned the purse. Or something like that.
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Getting my motor running

Cleaned catbox E. Catbox S is untouched.
Put away some dishes; rinsed some more.
Ate lunchish/breakfastish sandwich thing.
Re-found the fic I'd been reading before the power outage.
Sniped at Little Fayoumis for trying to show me something cool when I was busy.
Set alarm clock so I can get a nap (hey, maybe the turkey is working! Or maybe I just didn't go to sleep until insane in the morning.) and set it so I'll be waking up mornings for schoolish things.
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Plasma, etc.

Took a nap and went to give plasma. Worked a bit on finances. My stomach tells me I'm hungry, but I'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean in real terms.
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Hee. Playing games with relatives' heads.

At the New Year's party at V's mom's place, she and I wore the same outfits: our dark blue/green patterned velvet shirts, and black pants. We wore our identical pseudo-amber rings as well.

We really do look more alike than the two biological sisters do. That Woman pointed out to Krystal that the two of us were twins that day...

Heh. Heh.
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Cyteen, and the rest of the books for the would-be mage

Finished it today, then turned around and am re-reading it. Am probably going to pass on getting a new copy, even with Az's share-the-love, as I've got this copy already, it's held together with duct tape, and can always be reinforced again.

One of the things I want to do at some point is put together a list of books that I think that many young mages who think at least in part like me would benefit from. The entirety of the Young Wizards series, of course, Cyteen, Snow Crash, Spock's World, and some good headbreaky fantasy like the Tale of the Five, and some Patricia McKillip, and The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown. Perhaps also some Illuminatus! Trilogy, and some Vonnegut. Some Bujold, of course, and also the Diana Tregarde books, because those are pretty good for those of us who do have the white-knight complex. Add in the Feynman autobiographies too, for balance. ...on third thought, add them early, right along in with Nita and Kit.
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Mmmm... candy.

So a guy's at a party, and the hostess comes up to him, and invites him to try some of the candy she's made.

"What's in it?" he asks.

"Chocolate and almonds," she says.

"I don't think so," he says, "because I don't care much for chocolate."

"Everybody's been saying that," she says, "and I'm sick of it." She snaps her teeth threateningly. "Try some, or as I live, I am going to sink my teeth into your hand down to the bone."

So the guy reaches out for a piece, but before he can take it, his friend grabs his hand away and says, "I wouldn't do that if I were you.

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