January 4th, 2004

running, bomb tech


Pretty much a nothing day. Little Fayoumis is playing with his Lego Transformers, marxdarx is working on the computer with 3D stuff, and I'm reading and making desultory swipes at my room in between it all.

eris_raven has been snuggling up to get petted while I've been curled up on my bed reading Cyteen (again).

I am a little grumpy at the conspiracy of schedules that led to me not getting the January bus pass before school shut down for the winter break. Ordinarily, I'd have been all over town on the bus Saturday and today, exploring and seeing what there was to see, but that's not really a financially viable option without a bus pass.

I realized again that there is some music that does give me headaches -- too much of the good stuff that I downloaded from vidicon, sadly, does it every time. Not sure what the trigger is -- perhaps the lack of something that I'm able to identify as melody without listening closely?
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    Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Super Mario remix)
running, bomb tech


There are some old posts from ancient bouts of dramatics (2002-era) that I'm taking private and cut.

I feel like I'm being revisionist, a bit -- yes, I do screw up, sometimes on a grand scale, but I don't necessarily want the details to be available to those who aren't involved.