January 5th, 2004

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Hss, growl, snarl, hsss...

...it's another lovely evening in the Temple.

Moshie has taken to following Eris into what she considers her safe spots, evidently, and that's how the fights break out.

This evening, they had both Marx and me scolding them.

They were grounded from playing with each other after that, of course.
running, bomb tech

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to cadhla, who may or may not wind up reading this, but who is my current favorite poet anyway.
running, bomb tech

Sleep-like things

Went to bed, and to sleep-ish, around ten-something.

Got woken up by something around one-something. Stayed in bed grouchily until two-something.

Now, the bed again. Alarm's set for eight. School in morning.
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Men from Alaska, Random

There have been a rash of men from Alaska sending me Yahoo IMs. Not men that I personally know, just ... random Alaskan men. I am aggressively not interested in flirting online with people that I don't know. I prefer to get to know someone first before making with the heavy flirtation. I want someone to be interesting as a person rather than giving off the distinct impression that all they want from me is sex, cyber or otherwise.

To combat this, I have placed the following in my Y! profile:

More About Me
Hobbies: Science fiction, magic, writing, computers, livejournal, duct tape swords, painting, nastily mocking people who try to flirt with me online.
Latest News: Formerly from Fairbanks, AK. Still in love with my best friend, still dating my girlfriend, still not looking for anyone else, still bitching out people who spell the word you as u.

Favorite Quote
"ASL = American Sign Language, and have I ever got a sign for you, buddy!"
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*insert noises of fangirlishness here* Fake! *more fangirl noises*


Guess what Darkside's Christmas gift to me wound up being? Yes, anime, of course -- but -- Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!

This makes me happy.

I was originally intending to get X: Three, but they had everything but. So I got Fake, which was cheaper, and it's evidently rare enough that one of River's friends never returned his copy of it (River introduced me to it originally).

I do admit that I did look for the New Angel series first, in a sort of desultory manner, but as I was suffering sudden memory loss as to the title of the series, I didn't find it. As I'm generally good at remembering things, I suspect Dark Forces at work, just a little. ;)
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GSU Officer??

I just got upgraded.

I'm now the secretary of the GSU at school, as well as the Webmistress.
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Okay, okay, okay. Uncle.

I have finally conceded that it is "chilly" outside, and have found my old, comfortable, smoke-blue fuzzy sweatshirt to wear when I go out to get cat food. This concession was wrung from me only after twenty minutes of sitting outside at the bus stop at the mall on woozily low blood sugar.

It's 50°F out right now.

Many Arizonans are wearing coats, the sort we start seeing around 20-0°F back home.